Monday, 27 May 2013

OPUS JAY in Beijing: Highlights

OPUS JAY moved on to Beijing after  three wildly successful opening shows in Shanghai. His Royal DIAOness had another three concerts in the capital city from 24 to 26 May 2013 and man....he rocked totally! (nothing new there!)

Doesn't he look so cool yet so HAWT in that pic below?? That smirk, the dimple, the shades, the teeshirt with his name on it, the clenched fist....all scream DIAO!

The Beijing concerts more or less followed the same format as the ones in Shanghai, naturally. But Jay being Jay, he always knows how to tailor his performances to the place and fans wherever he may be. 

Who do you suppose these crowds of crew members are waiting for??

Here are some highlights from the concerts, including different songs, quotable Jay-isms, backstage scenes, merchandise and more.

First up, some beautiful flower arrangements from Song Zuying and Li Yundi; I believe Ms Song also attended the third night's concert!

There were also other notable guests in attendance! 
Recognise Wang Xueqi, his co-star in The Rooftop? 
Also Chinese actresses Fan Weiqi (I think). 

 Jay even sang East Wind Breaks specially for Wang Xueqi who asked him if he would be doing that song, whereupon Jay immediately took out Qing Hua Ci and did Dong Feng Po instead, making his musicians scurry a! 

Another two different songs he sang were Listen To Mama's Words and Snail, both of which have not been heard much in concerts for a long time. 

Jay said his Mum had 'complained' that he did not sing that song the first night, so for the second night, he would do so and also dedicated it to all mothers in the world!

He also gave Silence the auto-tune twist (I wish he hadn't though!):

Ming ming jiu:

I can't get enough of his Sign Language:

And here's a fancam of the entire concert, albeit somewhat shaky so be prepared to get nauseous for those of you who are susceptible.

Freebies for the concert included a free album, paperbag and pink lightstick:

Some quotable Jay-isms (gotta love this guy!):

"哥弹的不是吉他,哥弹的是时光机;哥唱的不是歌,哥唱的是回忆;哥练的不是肌肉,哥练的是毅力~ 只要努力,你就可以变第一。我的动力就是歌迷!"

"It's not a guitar; it's a time machine."

"It's not just a song; it's a memory."

"It's not abs I'm developing; it's perseverance."

"As long as you work hard, you can become No 1."

"My fans are my motivation."

The 8-pack checking out the! Jay is soooo cheeky!

There was also an announcment about why Jay had decided to use smaller indoor venues for OPUS JAY instead of huge football stadiums which could hold more people.
The special 4D effects notwithstanding, Jay also expressed that in previous concerts at the humongous outdoor arenas, he could hear the fans from the stage but could not see them properly. After a while, that was not satisfying enough for him, as he wanted very much to be able to see their faces and have more of a connection with them
He is also not into competing with other artistes about who has the best ticket sales for concerts, so a big venue is not his priority.

I say...good on you, Jay!
The quality of the concert experience for both you and your fans should be the most important things.
Although I think many of the fans may not actually mind going to a big venue, as long as it means they are attending your concert, even if they cannot see you clearly or at all. Your presence is what matters to them. :)

Jay also went for a nice dinner at a Really Love Fantasy restaurant...what a great day for the staff there, ya? :)

To end off, here are more HAWT pics to make you drool helplessly...

I'm going to bed dream of Mr DIAO and look forward to his concerts in Singapore in less than two weeks' time!!!

Tra la la!!!

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