Sunday, 5 May 2013


Haha...after all that translation 'work' for his Beijing University lecture, I thought I'd do a more fun and frivolous post before another heavy-duty project (yes, there is another one I'm hoping to do soon!).

Without further ado, here goes!

My heart just melts looking at that composite photo!
Who does not love a dimple, especially on the cheek??
So what if it's considered a defect or deformity in the facial muscle, as according to the anatomical definition??
This is one 'defect' which is THE MOST ADORABLE aspect of His Royal DIAOness' more-or-less perfect face; I swear, seeing its appearance on his left cheek whilst I was watching The Green Hornet for the first time was another major factor which made me fall in love with Jay.
Of course too, since a dimple is almost always associated with a smile, and Jay hardly ever smiles for posed photos, catching sight of it is a happy thing indeed!

Another instance where I saw it and went "AWWWW!" was the part in his 2007 concert after he had finished his drum set and leapt from the seat and smiled with immense self-satisfaction, displaying THE DIMPLE....omg, I was so dead then! (it's at 01:18)

There's a whole thread on multistars forum  dedicated to his dimples:

And because he smiles more when he takes photos with kids, this thread will also make you go "AWWWW!"

Some of my fave Dimple pics (actually, any photo which shows his dimple is my fave but I can't possibly post everything here!):

We see more of his left cheek dimple but he has a faint one on the right too!

Back to the left and one of his fave antics...poke that dimple! Which featured prominently in Secret, of course!

Hello Kitty and DIMPLE = Cuteness Overload!!!!

That's tonight's post for now.
Hope you guys enjoyed cooing with me as I'm pretty sure it's also your favourite part of his face.
Lemme know in Comments!

I'll cover other aspects of his countenance in future posts. :)

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  1. wow! i really love his dimples! he's so cute when he smiles... ^^,... thanks for the post!