Monday, 13 May 2013

DIAOness Updates: Teresa Teng concert, gym event, arrival in Shanghai,Rooftop BTS, etc

Here are some significant events since the Tian Tai press con!

1. Jay performed at Teresa Teng's memorial concert on 12 May 2013. He played piano and sang two songs (or more, I'm not sure) but here's a vid of his beautiful renditions in his own Jay-esque style...I melted, just listening to him....le sigh....

Some nice screen grabs:

Such emotion when he sings....

Love love LOVE that SMILE!!!! *melts again*

Fur on the I even surprised??? I'm just happy it's not on his clothes. :P

Ahh! The Royal Wave from His Royal DIAOness!

2. The next day, he graced the opening of Will Liu's gym in New Taipei City and demonstrated gym equipment. But no, he did not reveal his 8pack, choosing only to bare a little chest. :P

Pics from the event...behold that chest!

Cute smile here....DIMPLE!

3. Limited edition OPUS JAY teeshirt by PHANTaci...I WANT!!!!!

4. Jay has arrived in Shanghai to prepare for the first stop of OPUS JAY! Omg...I did not realise how quickly time has flown and the concert is only like FOUR days away! 

5. BTS of The Rooftop, featuring the actress who plays his sister.

Jay regards her as a senior and was keen to cast her in this role as it is something different from her previous roles. He also feels very privileged to have worked with her. She worked very hard to master the dance moves and found Jay's vision of the movie very intriguing. :)

Finally, some nice pics to round off tonight's post:

Jay with the actress who plays his sister and Wang Xueqi:

 Deerway ad...I love this one, especially his red pants! And doesn't he look so young and cool??

Jay with staff at Peng Yuan Doufu shop; note his conventional shirt and absence of ring, necklace, cap, beanie, hoodie, sunglasses, facial hair....VERY NATURAL AND VERY MAN!!! I wish he'd dress like this more often; shows off his handsomeness so much better. :P

That's all for now.


*sheepish grin* 

Sorry about that last rant...but it's been soooo long that we've been waiting and all the hints that Jay has dropped just makes it even harder. 

Anyway, I also just realised that I'm coming up to the first anniversary of this blog,which will be one day before Jay's first OPUS JAY concert in Shanghai! Like I mentioned earlier, time certainly flies, especially when one enjoys doing writing a Jay Chou blog. :)

Hmm....I haven't a clue yet how we're going to celebrate. 
 Any ideas? ;)

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