Friday, 13 July 2012

Chou Style: Uniquely Jay!

Sigh...I accidentally deleted my Uniquely Jay post today from my iPhone!!!!
The perils of a touch screen! *jumps up and down*

So here I am, rewriting this topic which is an absolute must when talking about Jay's music, where he creates songs in certain distinct genres, either singularly or more often than not, combining a few in one whilst imparting his own unique musical stamp on the song. :)

The pic above is taken from the MV for Sailors Afraid Of Water, which Jay wrote for the kiddies. It's a fun song combining beat box and ragtime; Danni is dressed up as a shark and Jay dances very well with Erica. :))

From The Era, Jay gave us Free Instructional Video, which starts off as an Elvis Presley type song, very bluesy but then develops into a full-blown rock and roll number, with different parts coming in seamlessly, to make it sound completely much so that it won the Golden Melody Award for Best Arrangement in 2011 for Jay's music arrranger, A-Geng!

From Capricorn, he wrote a circus-style song viz Mr Magic, with a very cute tune and an absolutely stunning set based on the magic theme!


And now for the song which probably started him on this unique way of composing, this is Cowboy Very Busy, which you either love or hate. I love the chorus with the hand movements and the MV is really a lark!

I shall end with Rosemary, from his Still Fantasy album, where he composed a lovely bossa nova style song and he also danced divinely in the MV!
His beloved grandma is also in the MV. :)

Diao or not, I ask you?? ;)

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