Saturday, 28 July 2012

Chou Style: Not Just Mando; Not Just His Own

Over the course of youtube surfing and Facebooking, I've discovered more than a few vids of Mr Chou performing in, apart from his native Mandarin, Hokkien, Japanese and Cantonese; with a whiff of English.
And also songs by other artistes, some of which he wrote, some not.

I shall start with this children's song, My Grandfather's Clock, which he sang for his Japanese fans in Tokyo. He sounds and looks sooooo sweet here and I love the close-up of his face and that adorable left cheek dimple! *melts*
His grandma's look of satisfaction and pride is also priceless!

This next vid has his grandma speaking in Japanese to the fans about Jay's love for the song which he sings after that. ;)

Another song in Japanese but which is unfortunately somewhat marred by the annoying conversation between the ladies...*GRRRR*
According to the comments on youtube, the song is Yuki no Hana by Mika Nakashima.

And in the next vid, you can listen to him bantering with the fans in Japanese, from about 4:50 to 5:32...really cute!

I've posted this next one before but I love it so much...and it belongs here too.
It's his rendition of Jordan Chan's Waste of Space, which was written by Jay himself, in Cantonese during his HK concert....which pleased his fans no end, even if his pronounciation was apparently not that accurate....but who cares?? He made the effort and that's what matters!

Another two vids of a theme song from a popular Cantonese TV serial, Heart of uproarious approval from the fans!

Now for some clips of him singing other artistes' songs:

In The One concert, he rearranged David Tao's Zhao Zhi Ji into the minor key, which gave the song a completely different feel...which to me, was much better than the original. I may be a little biased, though. ;)
Jay also ad-libbed really cheekily during the song about fans attending his concert. :))

At the Incomparable concert, he sang an awesome cover of Zhang Zhen Yue's Ai Wo Bie Zhou, which I totally love!

One notable collaboration was with Cindy Yen, his fellow JVR labelmate on a song she wrote viz Sand Painting (hua sha). It's a swingy jazzy number but with some touch of Jay-ness in it....apparently, she had to rewrite it several times before His Royal DIAOness approved and performed with her. :P
Cindy has a nice voice and plays piano beautifully too; Jay plays cello in the MV.

From Jay Chou Studio archives, a related article:

Live performance at the Beijing Pop Music Jay's scats! And he sings Fireworks Cool Easily after that.

Now for some Jacky Cheung songs:

During The Era concert, Jacky went on stage to sing Wen Bie with Jay...remember this was the song which inspired Jay into pop music. :)

Singing Jay's Long Time No See, followed by Jacky's Everyday I Love You More, in Cantonese:

And a clip of a much younger Jay singing Jacky's Yi Lu Shang You Ni, one of my fave Jacky songs:

Singing Aaron Kwok's Dui Ni Ai Bu Wan....with the dance steps....very cute!!

Jody Chiang's Sound Of Raining, which he wrote and it's sung in Tai-yu, the Taiwanese dialect:

As a guest in A-mei's 2012 concert, singing her song Black Eats Black and playing drums!

He sang Nicholas Tse's Old Scar during The Era concert in Kaohsiung in December 2011, where Nick was his special guest:

Performing with Eason Chan for Eliminated, during a charitable event in Shanghai in 2012. Jay wrote this song. :)

Singing The Drifters song and Stefanie Sun's Yan Lei Cheng Si during The Era concert in Singapore:

With Chris Hung, singing A Ba (Father), which Jay wrote:

Tribute to Teresa Teng:

I shall end off with two clips of him singing a wee bit of English.

Gangsta's Paradise from The Green Hornet...he sounds so good!

And his Yankee Doodle in LA:

Now wasn't that all kinds of fun??

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