Monday, 28 March 2016

Updates: QQ Awards; E-commerce; LOL song

Hi all!

Just back from a great holiday in Taiwan and our Jay had quite a few events going on during the week....but all in the mainland. 

Anyway, let's start off with a cheery pic from his Tuniu commercial! 

Events covered will be the QQ Awards, his latest venture into e-commerce and the release of the LOL song.

QQ Awards

QQ Music is China's biggest music-streaming website.
Jay won three awards; as far as I can translate, they include Most Influential Concert Tour; Best All-Round Artiste; Most Famous Singer

- 年度全能艺人 
- 年度最具影响力演唱会大奖 
- 年度巅峰最佳人气歌手 

If anyone can give me a better translation, please feel free to do so.

Watch here:

More pics here:


Haha...this is just one of the many animal shots Jay has done for his e-commerce venture.
More in the album on the Page!

Looking dapper at the event:

LOL song

Have a listen!

I don't quite know what to make of it; as usual, the lyrics are all jumbled up in his inimitable rapping style but it does sound rather like some of his earlier songs in this genre eg Exclamation Mark and The Era with shades of All In One Breath from his last album.
Truth to tell, those are not my favourites; I prefer his ballads and R&B hip hop numbers.

Anyway, he has said Album #14 should be released in June/July.
Let's hope it really will be so, given that previous experience indicates that there will almost invariably be a delay...!
Being a father has also given him more sources of inspiration and the first single will be reflective of that.
Can't wait!

 I shall end off with a cute vid compilation of Jay recording for Kung Fu Panda 3...enjoy!


Sunday, 20 March 2016

NYSM2 trailer; Angel Hearts; China Super Vocal

Three quick updates to post before I head for a short holiday to Jay Chou Land!

Now You See Me 2: Official international trailer

Our Jay appears at 1:57!!
And I'm 100% certain that is his "WOO!" at the end....whether he has written a new song for this movie or they are using one of his old ones....remains to be seen. ;)

Director Jon M. Chu answers some burning questions:

Angel Hearts 2016 on 19 March

Pics from FB:

China Super Vocal

More on the rebranding of Voice Of China and its auditions, with fans in Singapore getting all excited!

Now to await another Jay Chou song for League of Legends, due for release on 24 March 2016!

Good weekend, everyone!

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Paris Fashion Week; GShock Live; Meters/bonwe

Omg....his hair! That face!
And the spiffy outfit! *swoons*

Jay and Hannah made their first ever appearance TOGETHER at a public event; and what a stir they caused!

Love the description in this article...."Celeb royals descend on mortals..."!

Trust my favourite couple to make a classy but not showy entrance to such a high profile event!
No overt PDA; just matching togs and rings with smiles and poses for the numerous photographers' benefit.

I am so glad Jay's fashion sense has improved by leaps and bounds ever since he got together with Ms Quinlivan. Long-time fans will understand where I'm coming from....he has been known to wear some absolutely horrendous combos in his 'younger' days!
Notice his hairstyle has also remained relatively stable during this much the better but it was fun then to see his myriad looks. ;)

But there is no denying they make a thoroughly gorgeous couple. :)

Best shot from the event! HAHAHAHAHA!
Was he jetlagged? Couldn't be; he had already been in Paris for a few days prior to the show.
Was he bored? Perhaps.

More pics here:


After Paris, Jay headed straight back to our side of the world to support his friends in Shanghai at the GSHOCK Premium Live event where he performed several songs.

Pics and video links here:


To end off, here's a yummilicious shot from Meters/bonwe:

More pics on the Page!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Updates: Concert tickets and more

Once again, 30,000 tickets (yes, you read that correctly) to Jay's concert in Singapore sold out at lightning speed on the first day of priority booking:

However, the appearance of black marketers trying to cash in on the frenzy took the shine a little off this amazing statistic.

Organisers quickly moved to open up an additional 1500 seats so as to appease disgruntled fans who were unsuccessful.

However, those, too were sold out within an hour (by my estimate) and a quick check on the Sportshubtix website shows tickets as "Currently unavailable".

Jay Chou still rules!


Anyway, His Royal Diaoness has been spotted here and there for vacation and work viz Japan, Shanghai, with the most recent being Europe/Prague where Hannah is shooting Gentle Bullet. 

And these two photos caused another outcry of delight from the fans when they appeared a few days ago!

They are most likely for a commercial.
Keep watching the Page! 

And Du Ge gifted us with this pic:

Would you say that is Much ADo About Nothing?? ;)

Till my next post....good night!