Sunday, 20 March 2016

NYSM2 trailer; Angel Hearts; China Super Vocal

Three quick updates to post before I head for a short holiday to Jay Chou Land!

Now You See Me 2: Official international trailer

Our Jay appears at 1:57!!
And I'm 100% certain that is his "WOO!" at the end....whether he has written a new song for this movie or they are using one of his old ones....remains to be seen. ;)

Director Jon M. Chu answers some burning questions:

Angel Hearts 2016 on 19 March

Pics from FB:

China Super Vocal

More on the rebranding of Voice Of China and its auditions, with fans in Singapore getting all excited!

Now to await another Jay Chou song for League of Legends, due for release on 24 March 2016!

Good weekend, everyone!

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