Saturday, 12 March 2016

Paris Fashion Week; GShock Live; Meters/bonwe

Omg....his hair! That face!
And the spiffy outfit! *swoons*

Jay and Hannah made their first ever appearance TOGETHER at a public event; and what a stir they caused!

Love the description in this article...."Celeb royals descend on mortals..."!

Trust my favourite couple to make a classy but not showy entrance to such a high profile event!
No overt PDA; just matching togs and rings with smiles and poses for the numerous photographers' benefit.

I am so glad Jay's fashion sense has improved by leaps and bounds ever since he got together with Ms Quinlivan. Long-time fans will understand where I'm coming from....he has been known to wear some absolutely horrendous combos in his 'younger' days!
Notice his hairstyle has also remained relatively stable during this much the better but it was fun then to see his myriad looks. ;)

But there is no denying they make a thoroughly gorgeous couple. :)

Best shot from the event! HAHAHAHAHA!
Was he jetlagged? Couldn't be; he had already been in Paris for a few days prior to the show.
Was he bored? Perhaps.

More pics here:


After Paris, Jay headed straight back to our side of the world to support his friends in Shanghai at the GSHOCK Premium Live event where he performed several songs.

Pics and video links here:


To end off, here's a yummilicious shot from Meters/bonwe:

More pics on the Page!

Have a great weekend!

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