Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Updates: Concert tickets and more

Once again, 30,000 tickets (yes, you read that correctly) to Jay's concert in Singapore sold out at lightning speed on the first day of priority booking:


However, the appearance of black marketers trying to cash in on the frenzy took the shine a little off this amazing statistic.

Organisers quickly moved to open up an additional 1500 seats so as to appease disgruntled fans who were unsuccessful.


However, those, too were sold out within an hour (by my estimate) and a quick check on the Sportshubtix website shows tickets as "Currently unavailable".

Jay Chou still rules!


Anyway, His Royal Diaoness has been spotted here and there for vacation and work viz Japan, Shanghai, with the most recent being Europe/Prague where Hannah is shooting Gentle Bullet. 

And these two photos caused another outcry of delight from the fans when they appeared a few days ago!

They are most likely for a commercial.
Keep watching the Page! 

And Du Ge gifted us with this pic:

Would you say that is Much ADo About Nothing?? ;)

Till my next post....good night!

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