Sunday, 10 January 2016

Updates: Holiday; TRY; Beijing events

Happy New Year, peeps!

Hope the first ten days of 2016 has been fine for all of you thus far!

Here are the latest updates for Mr Chou.

First up, some holiday pics from the Gold Coast where Jay and family spent two weeks of quality bonding time with their Aussie relatives over the Christmas and New Year period.
Jay Chou Diaoness was privileged to receive two exclusive photos and is eternally grateful!

Du Ge happily pointed out the fact that he was not wearing!
No doubt alluding to the fact that he and Jay look to be the same height in the photo on the beach. ;)

Hmm....that bearded, capped and shades look appeared to be NOT such a hot favourite among the fans, somehow. ;)
Guess that's his way of maintaining some modicum of privacy. :P

Anyway, before you knew it, the holidays were over and it was time to get back to work again!


The official MV for TRY was released on 8 January 2016.
This is the theme song for Kung Fu Panda 3 and as is known, Jay is voicing the character of Monkey in the Chinese version of the movie.

Music: Patrick Brasca
Lyrics: Vincent Fang (Chinese); Celeste Syn (English)
Director: Jennifer Wu
Performed by: Patrick Brasca and Jay Chou

Watch and listen!

The song did not strike me much on my first time listening to it but that was because I was doing so sporadically while at work instead of giving it full attention, so excited was I to hear it when it was first aired.
But after listening properly, I was hooked!
With the MV, the song is even better and best heard on headphones. :)
The tune is catchy and Jay's rapping is awesome.
He is also singing more English but it was not easy to make out his voice....gotta listen very carefully!

I don't know about you guys but I LOVE KUNG FU PANDA!
The first two movies were such great fun and of course, Po is simply too adorable for words!
Can't wait for No 3!

Love to see Jay with kids!

Some info about the composer of the song and Jay's young apparentice, Patrick Brasca:

I'll be watching his progress.


Jay flew to Beijing for events on 9 January.

Netizens were, however, a tad dismayed by how dark and bearded he was, not to mention the inevitable talk about him putting on weight, which to me were all unavoidable aspects when one has spent two weeks with the sun, the sand and the sea, and of course plenty of good food and relaxation away from papparazi and fans.
Jay deserved that break and I'm glad he was able to chill out and recharge.

Press conference in Beijing on 9 January:

Another event for J Concept:

Performance in Hangzhou:


And to end off, here is Jay's greeting for the Chinese New Year, which will be upon us in less than a month's time!

Till my next post, do keep following the Page!


  1. Thanks for the comprehensively researched (with links) and thoughtfully commented update on Jay's activities.