Thursday, 31 December 2015

Jay Chou's 2015

On this last day of 2015, let us look back in wonder at Jay Chou's may not be in chronological order:

That amazing wedding carried out in near-perfect privacy at Selby Abbey in Yorkshire, England.
Ahhh....the romance of it all!
The video still moves me to tears.... *sniff*

Honeymoon in England....but why Chelsea??/

My most favourite pic of the Taipei party:

Next favourite at the Australia party:

Then came the announcement in typical cute Jay fashion, with references to basketball and competition:

Chinese New Year with family:


Celebrating first anniversary in Yilan:

Cool yet hot Mum and Dad:

Aww! Beanie Daddy and Beanie Baby! 

Happy 100 days, Hathaway! 

Hathy's first Christmas in Australia with family:

The Voice Of China 4:

League Of Legends:

Fubon event:

Golden Melody Awards:



Kung Fu Panda 3:

Here's to more DIAOness in 2016!!!
So much to look forward to!

Kung Fu Panda 3
Now You See Me 2
New concert tour
New album
Maybe Baby Chou # 2???

Keep watching the Page!

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