Sunday, 24 January 2016

Updates: Jay's birthday/anniversary; Kung Fu Panda 3; The Brain Season 3

Hi all!

Sorry for the long break but never fear, Jay's news updates are now here! 
(Haha....could not help that bit of rhyme...!)

So what was THE big event in the past week??
None other than our dear Mr Chou's birthday cum wedding anniversary celebration, of course!
Granted, the ceremony in Yorkshire on 17 January 2015 was a symbolic one, given that he and Hannah had actually already registered their nuptials earlier in 2014.
However, that will be the date which is best remembered by fans for all time, given the beautiful fairytale setting with Jay's music as the soundtrack. ;)

Let's watch the video again...I never get tired of, nor fail to be touched by it. *sniff*

Singapore's entertainment website, Toggle had a lovely write-up about my favourite couple:

Following the wedding anniversary was Jay's 37th birthday, which he spent with Hannah and friends, as evidenced by the pics and reports posted. 

Looks like they had a good game before the cake-cutting! 

Love this pic! Wish Hathaway had been there, too, though! 

With the whole gang! Hannah was probably the photographer as she posted this on her weibo with the caption:
"The theme of these pictures is: I *heart* Jay." :)

His students from The Voice also made a nice birthday greeting video for him! 

Here's to many more birthdays for our amazing Mr Chou! 


It was back to work the next day for Jay, when he proceeded to Shanghai for another Kung Fu Panda 3 event.

Too darn handsome in that outfit!
How does he carry off the skirt-pants combo so effortlessly??

Looking forward to the movie and his voiceover role of Monkey! 


Moving on, Jay made another guest appearance in Season Three of The Brain, which was broadcast on 22 January 2016.

Full show:

The emcee could not resist teasing him about the changes in his 'status' over the course of the past two seasons till the present, whence he started off as a single, eligible bachelor, got married and to his current state of fatherhood. ;)

The fan-made pic compilations below illustrate this oh-so-well! 

Season One: The stuff of millions of young ladies' dreams....

Season Two: Most romantic husband ever!

Season Three: Adorable Daddy!

He rocks the skirt-pants again! :)

Jay was his usual cool self but with his characteristic self-deprecating yet witty humour, which saw him handling some rather awkward moments (together with Matilda Tao) on this episode very well. 

1. Lightening the tension for the kid by bringing out the Tu Niu toy which he had autographed and asked the audience to encourage him on. 

2. Taking the initiative to ask the other judges to utilise the Red Light and doing so himself when a certain individual threw a hissy fit after engaging in a tiff with Dr Wei. 

Loved how Jay also got the audience to sing Snail for one of the contestants who mentioned that it was his favourite song. 

And of course, he had to mention his MV for Twilight's Chapter Seven when the Sherlock-Holmes-like contestant appeared. ;)

Concentrating.....and getting it right!


I shall sign off with two cute pics.

Cheerio for now! 

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