Thursday, 27 November 2014

OPUS 2 JAY Hongkong: In a nutshell

Hi peeps.

I've been busy following the OPUS 2 JAY Hongkong stuff over the past week and there were SIX shows to catch up on.

As such, I hope you guys have followed the Page 'cos there's a fair amount of fun and exciting stuff which happened at the concerts, with requests from fans, duets with fans, verbal exchanges with fans and shaking hands with fans.

Here is the playlist of the more notable moments from the concerts:

And photos from the Facebook album:

Cheerio for now!

Thursday, 20 November 2014


Jay had apparently promised the fans in Hongkong that he would sing songs from his new album during his encore OPUS concerts there,
And sing them he did....not one but TWO on opening night of OPUS 2 JAY, 19 November 2014!

As the news trickled through Net, fans everywhere screamed collectively, albeit with slightly different responses.
Those from Malaysia asked: "Why did he not sing them in KL?? That was only just last week!"
Those from Taiwan asked: "Why are your home fans not the first to hear these??"
Those from Singapore just lapped up the songs and said: "We'll get to sing all his new songs with him at our concert in December!"

Whatever the case, I was delighted with the turn of events and happily posted all the versions/recordings of both songs on the Jay Chou Diaoness Page to share.

The first song was a slow number, entitled Listen To opposed to his famous Listen To Mama. :)
This song is actually a love ballad and Jay said he had written the lyrics as well because Vincent was just too!

The song is not a happy one, though, as it is about parental objection getting in the way of the relationship.
Intrepid fans were quick to put up the lyrics from the vids online for everyone and I'll post them here as well.
I like the song very much and cannot wait to hear the studio version on the album.


你听爸爸的话 说我不是个好东西
送给你的花 不配放在你家花瓶里
但我听妈妈的话 要我不能轻易放弃
你说 谁说 我说 我不爱了
胡说 瞎说 我习惯了
光上一句 我想你懂
你看你 笑了吧
你说我 算了吧
一个人的爱情 很简单
两个人的相爱 为什么反而变得很难
承诺太多 多少会错
说好放手 谁先开口 没有对错
你说 谁说 我说 我不爱了
胡说 瞎说 我习惯了
一个人的爱情 很简单
两个人的相爱 为什么反而变得很难
你听爸爸的话 说我不是个好东西
送给你的花 不配放在你家花瓶里
但我听妈妈的话 要我不能轻易放弃
沉默太多 多少会错
说好放手 谁先开口 没有对错

The second song was a fast number, which had a certain feel about it which brought me back to the 70s.
Jay introduced it by drumming a washing machine with his mime artiste on!
It's entitled Yang Ming Shan, after the mountain in Taipei and is quite catchy.
I did not like it much on first listen but after a couple of times, I'm bopping along with it!

我找 找 找你不到
要怎么抱 抱 抱你的腰
你终于 笑笑笑笑 我知道
小指勾 点头 牵手 朋友 GO
叭叭叭 叭啦叭啦叭
谁说夜店才有Party Hey Hey
我是说放我的胸口 Hey Hey
但是这一句太俗气 Hey Hey

我摇 摇 摇杯饮料
阳明山要 要 要点热闹
你低头 笑笑笑笑 说好巧
跳个舞 再走 快乐 在我 GO

谁说夜店才有Party Hey Hey
我是说放我的胸口 Hey Hey
但是这一句太俗气 Hey Hey
谁说夜店才有Party Hey Hey
轮胎就故意偷漏气 Hey Hey
雾满楼春雨添瓦缘 Hey Hey
我心里满满都是你 你 你

Let's see if he sings any more new songs tonight! 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Jay and Hannah: How, why, what has been and what next

In my earlier post, I had asked what it was which moved Jay so much that he decided to release those now-famous photos of him and Hannah.

Indeed, it was perhaps all those coloured lightboards in the photo I posted but it appears that the Jay Chou Malaysia and Singapore fanclub had prepared a special message for Jay and Hannah, which the members had artfully displayed upon his arrival in KL and at the departure, in the form of handheld placards.

The message was:

Blessings on your marriage and hope for a Little Jay soon! 

Well done, JayMS! 

I think that show of open affection and well wishes for him and Hannah really did the trick as it was quite likely the first time ever that fans had done this at an airport meet. It would be a hard man who was not touched by their heartfelt words on the placards and Jay is definitely not that kind of person.
I'm sure he was grateful and as such, repaid their support by picking two nice photos of him and Hannah to share his own joy. 

And today's China Press had the full report:

Incidentally, Hannah attended a Breeze event today, complete with self-baked cake and was of course asked about the wedding venue, to which she replied that it had not been decided yet.
(It seems rumours are flying around that it will be on 18 January in Paris. I have to qualify that those are RUMOURS. Believe them as your own peril!)
She also assured the reporters that Jay had told her beforehand that he would be releasing those two photos. 
She looked absolutely radiant and was beaming away, clearly in a happy place. :)

Link to a news report: 

Vid of reporters questioning Hannah incessantly about Jay and her polite yet warm replies. I think she held her composure very well!

The local paper lost no time in compiling a list of five facts about Hannah, in light of the Jayannah declaration but I have to caution here that they got some of the facts wrong but Point #5, I totally agree with:

Jay's good friends, Xiao Mai and Devon have only good things to say about Hannah:

My translations may be a little off but you get the drift. 

Xiao Mai: 昆凌很纯真乖巧,周董忙碌工作后,看到她就忘掉辛苦、释放压力,有回家的感觉。

Hannah is really good. When Jay sees her after a busy day at work, he feels all his stress melt away and that he has come home. 

Devon: 很有礼貌,不多话,以周董的意见为主,让他在兄弟面前很有面子.

She is very well-mannered, does not say much and will defer to Jay so as not to make him lose face in front of his friends. 

It is also reported that she is discreet and does not interfere when Jay is out with his friends, Even when she was put down by netizens, she just took it in her stride and remained very much the woman behind her man. Xiao Mai feels that she handles herself very well, given her age.

I agree with Xiao Mai 100%.
And Devon's observation about the importance of giving face to the man is spot-on.
Of course, it must be within reason and I trust Jay is a reasonable man. 

In other news, Jay has arrived in Hongkong this afternoon to prepare for six nights of concerts from 19 to 24 November.
Naturally, he was queried about wedding plans too but he only smiled and nodded without giving any answers. :)

All I can say is that I feel vindicated now that Jayannah has proven to be real. :)

You see, back in 2011 when news first broke about them, with the photo of Jay's arm around Hannah in Paris, many of the fans on the forum where I was active were a little disbelieving about the relationship, some to the point of being disparaging.  

I, on the other hand, felt otherwise and was always one to keep an open mind about it, as long as Jay was happy, yet keep up with whatever information could be gleaned from the news. Which was not easy, given how secretive Mr Chou was,
Nonetheless, as time went by, I discovered more about Hannah and her work. I was also liking her more and more and was soon convinced that she was the one for Jay and that this would be his most lasting relationship since his breakup with Ms Hou. 

To recap, here is what I wrote about her in June this year:

Most people probably feel that Hannah is the luckiest girl in the world to have 'hooked' Mr Chou, who has arguably been the most eligible bachelor in Taiwan for many years.
But let's look at this another way....and for this I have to thank Mr Q, a wise old gentleman who quietly pointed out to me that it should be Jay who is fortunate to have found such a lovely partner as Hannah instead!

Ah well, can we just say that the both of them look to be quite the happy couple and with God's grace, will have a meaningful life together.

And we fans are behind them all the way!

GO JAYANNAH!!!! *fist pump*

Monday, 17 November 2014

Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan: Online and Official!

Today is Monday.

Traditionally, one wakes up with a certain sense of reluctance, yet with a touch of relief at times to get back to the mundanities of the work week, after the perhaps wild excesses of the! 

It was no different for me this morning as I stumbled out of bed and reached for my cellphone (yes, I am that much of a nomophobe!) and voila! 

What I saw on my Facebook News Feed shook me out of my stupor, made me do a double take and look extra closely at the photos to make sure that:

a) they were not Photoshopped
b) they were not by the paparazzi
c) they were not fan-made compilations
d) they were not from fancams

All of the above were true! 

Then I saw posts by Devon Song and Jay Chou USA and it finally dawned on me that this was what myself and so many fans had been waiting for these past few years. 
Yes, His Royal Diaoness had finally decided to release two extremely loving and adorable photos of him and Hannah, without any masks, along with a very heartfelt message to us fans on his official Mr J Page:

Love how their hands are interlinked! 

Best wefie ever!


My heart just melted!!

I was fairly bursting but had to contain myself well enough to wash up before quickly sharing the good news on my Pages and to watch out for more.
Naturally, my News Feed was soon inundated with those pics and loads of good wishes from my Jay-fan-Friends! 

And the various media websites were quick to pick up on this breaking news:

From xinmsn:

Hmm....could he have been referring to these lightboards with the good wishes at the concert, which touched his heart? ;)

I'm not sure how pre-planned this action by Jay was but one thing is certain:

He has trumped the paparazzi and the mainstream press yet again by this understated yet touching online declaration in the cool manner that only Jay Chou can, on his own terms, with just the right touch of class and at the right the early hours of the less! 

The extent to which he has maintained some measure of privacy on this relationship has been nothing short of amazing, and his close friends must be credited with being extreme souls of discretion. 
In fact, Will Liu was more explicit in his post, stating that he could at last relax a little more as the Secret could now be! 

What I love about Jay is that he has gradually let us into this and unlike some other celebs, has always been very open about his stand on these matters of the heart and is not springing a surprise marriage or hidden wife/family on his fans. 
I fully support his views and am very happy for him and Hannah, now that this is out in the open. 
In fact, I still have a warm and fuzzy feeling all over and am now looking forward to more Jayannah goodness in the coming weeks as the rumoured wedding day in January draws closer! 

To end off, here is our favourite couple a different form which is oh-so-cute! 

Good night for now! 
The fans in Hongkong are now preparing for six nights of OPUS 2 JAY from 19 to 24 November.

Here's wishing them all the best and more delights from Mr Chou!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

OPUS 2 JAY: Malaysia (updated)

What a wonderful four days it has been for all the Jay Chou fans in Malaysia!

OPUS 2 JAY was held at the Putra Indoor Stadium in Kuala Lumpur on 14 and 15 November 2014, with Mr Chou and his team putting up an awesome show both nights.

Of course, before the concerts proper, he arrived on 13 November to a warm welcome from the fanclub members and other fans at KLIA in the afternoon.
Looking cool in a leopard print hoodie and shades, he was ushered out of Customs by vigilant security.
However, that did not stop him from taking a photo with the members of the Jay Chou Malaysia and Singapore fanclub who had dutifully arranged themselves properly for him to do so without any fuss.
And he duly obliged. :)

He was spotted having supper later. 

Okay, now that we have gotten those out of the way, here are the highlights of the concerts! 

Let's have some fantabulous pics first.

Link to more pics:

Notable aspects included:

Jay improvising a ditty dedicated to Malaysian fans, saying that he would come back for a concert every year! 

Jay coming down from stage to shake hands with fans, inducing maximum levels of frenzied screaming and outstretched hands!

Jay singing a song request, viz Tian Tian De.

Fan request for Shuo Hao De Xing Fu Ne:

A fan who brought his 4-year-old son along for the concert.....exactly what Jay would love! 

And of course, Jay's biggest fan and the original J-girl was in the audience! 

Post-concert Jay.

Playlist of vids:

So after a job well done, our hero left KL on 16 November, leaving behind lots of wondeful memories for his fans who, I'm sure will still be on a high for ages to come. :)

Next round of OPUS 2 JAY will be in Hongkong! 

Till my next post, here is a mesmerising pic for all of you. :)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Jay Chou: Now You See Me 2 (updated)

Today, 5th November started out much like any other working day for me.
Apart from the fact that it was my second son's birthday, life went on pretty much along the same comfortable way in the morning until.....

THIS appeared on my Facebook News Feed which my friend had Liked and Shared:

I could not believe my eyes!
Jay was going to be in another Hollywood movie??
And one with Daniel Radcliffe???
Not to mention a sequel to a movie which was about magicians and illusionists???
Just right up Mr Chou's alley!

Initially, I thought it was another hoax but it was soon obvious that this was absolutely TRUE!
Surfing through the Net soon brought forth a whole slew of news articles reporting this wonderful news.

News clip:




So cute....they used his pic from The Rooftop!


Pardon the grammatical error in this pic, though. :P

Channelnews Asia:

There were many others but I'm just posting those which mentioned him properly. 

Needless to say, the reactions from the fans online were fast and furious.
Pretty soon, the Chinese reports were out and the general atmosphere was one of extremely plesant surprise and expectation for Jay's return to Hollywood, after his rather successful debut as Kato in The Green Hornet. 
Recall that it was THAT movie which led to my Jay Chou fandom. :)

It then came to mind that earlier this year, Jay had made a trip to LA in January with Yang Junrong,
Pics of him with a director friend in that city were posted on weibo and Facebook and my sharp-eyed friend from USA recognised the street where he was on! 

Had he gone there for an audition?
Or had he already been chosen and was just there to sign the contract?
Anyway, now we know! 

Suffice to say, my whole morning was caught up with this news and it later also brought to mind the photo of Jay with Morgan Freeman at Mission Hills, as the latter is also one of the returning actors in the upcoming movie sequel. :)

My thoughts on this?

It looks like another wonderful opportunity for His Royal Diaoness to work in Hollywood, as this movie did quite well at the box office and the stars he will be working with are among the best in the business. The director is Jon M Chu:

I watched the first movie and was quite enthralled by the story.
And I hope the sequel will measure up, as it features new as well as returning characters. 
Daniel Radcliffe is one of my favourite guys, having loved watching him grow up in the Harry Potter movies. 
It is still uncertain what role Jay will play, apart from the fact that his character will be named Li. 
The mind boggles with possibilities but I'll wait for more news instead of speculating. 


Till then, let me sign off with some pics of Jay in Shanghai today, where he was doing another fashion shoot for Meters/bonwe.

Cute hair!