Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Jay Chou: Now You See Me 2 (updated)

Today, 5th November started out much like any other working day for me.
Apart from the fact that it was my second son's birthday, life went on pretty much along the same comfortable way in the morning until.....

THIS appeared on my Facebook News Feed which my friend had Liked and Shared:

I could not believe my eyes!
Jay was going to be in another Hollywood movie??
And one with Daniel Radcliffe???
Not to mention a sequel to a movie which was about magicians and illusionists???
Just right up Mr Chou's alley!

Initially, I thought it was another hoax but it was soon obvious that this was absolutely TRUE!
Surfing through the Net soon brought forth a whole slew of news articles reporting this wonderful news.

News clip:




So cute....they used his pic from The Rooftop!


Pardon the grammatical error in this pic, though. :P

Channelnews Asia:

There were many others but I'm just posting those which mentioned him properly. 

Needless to say, the reactions from the fans online were fast and furious.
Pretty soon, the Chinese reports were out and the general atmosphere was one of extremely plesant surprise and expectation for Jay's return to Hollywood, after his rather successful debut as Kato in The Green Hornet. 
Recall that it was THAT movie which led to my Jay Chou fandom. :)

It then came to mind that earlier this year, Jay had made a trip to LA in January with Yang Junrong,
Pics of him with a director friend in that city were posted on weibo and Facebook and my sharp-eyed friend from USA recognised the street where he was on! 

Had he gone there for an audition?
Or had he already been chosen and was just there to sign the contract?
Anyway, now we know! 

Suffice to say, my whole morning was caught up with this news and it later also brought to mind the photo of Jay with Morgan Freeman at Mission Hills, as the latter is also one of the returning actors in the upcoming movie sequel. :)

My thoughts on this?

It looks like another wonderful opportunity for His Royal Diaoness to work in Hollywood, as this movie did quite well at the box office and the stars he will be working with are among the best in the business. The director is Jon M Chu:

I watched the first movie and was quite enthralled by the story.
And I hope the sequel will measure up, as it features new as well as returning characters. 
Daniel Radcliffe is one of my favourite guys, having loved watching him grow up in the Harry Potter movies. 
It is still uncertain what role Jay will play, apart from the fact that his character will be named Li. 
The mind boggles with possibilities but I'll wait for more news instead of speculating. 


Till then, let me sign off with some pics of Jay in Shanghai today, where he was doing another fashion shoot for Meters/bonwe.

Cute hair!


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