Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Jay and Hannah: How, why, what has been and what next

In my earlier post, I had asked what it was which moved Jay so much that he decided to release those now-famous photos of him and Hannah.

Indeed, it was perhaps all those coloured lightboards in the photo I posted but it appears that the Jay Chou Malaysia and Singapore fanclub had prepared a special message for Jay and Hannah, which the members had artfully displayed upon his arrival in KL and at the departure, in the form of handheld placards.

The message was:

Blessings on your marriage and hope for a Little Jay soon! 

Well done, JayMS! 

I think that show of open affection and well wishes for him and Hannah really did the trick as it was quite likely the first time ever that fans had done this at an airport meet. It would be a hard man who was not touched by their heartfelt words on the placards and Jay is definitely not that kind of person.
I'm sure he was grateful and as such, repaid their support by picking two nice photos of him and Hannah to share his own joy. 

And today's China Press had the full report:

Incidentally, Hannah attended a Breeze event today, complete with self-baked cake and was of course asked about the wedding venue, to which she replied that it had not been decided yet.
(It seems rumours are flying around that it will be on 18 January in Paris. I have to qualify that those are RUMOURS. Believe them as your own peril!)
She also assured the reporters that Jay had told her beforehand that he would be releasing those two photos. 
She looked absolutely radiant and was beaming away, clearly in a happy place. :)

Link to a news report: 

Vid of reporters questioning Hannah incessantly about Jay and her polite yet warm replies. I think she held her composure very well!

The local paper lost no time in compiling a list of five facts about Hannah, in light of the Jayannah declaration but I have to caution here that they got some of the facts wrong but Point #5, I totally agree with:

Jay's good friends, Xiao Mai and Devon have only good things to say about Hannah:

My translations may be a little off but you get the drift. 

Xiao Mai: 昆凌很纯真乖巧,周董忙碌工作后,看到她就忘掉辛苦、释放压力,有回家的感觉。

Hannah is really good. When Jay sees her after a busy day at work, he feels all his stress melt away and that he has come home. 

Devon: 很有礼貌,不多话,以周董的意见为主,让他在兄弟面前很有面子.

She is very well-mannered, does not say much and will defer to Jay so as not to make him lose face in front of his friends. 

It is also reported that she is discreet and does not interfere when Jay is out with his friends, Even when she was put down by netizens, she just took it in her stride and remained very much the woman behind her man. Xiao Mai feels that she handles herself very well, given her age.

I agree with Xiao Mai 100%.
And Devon's observation about the importance of giving face to the man is spot-on.
Of course, it must be within reason and I trust Jay is a reasonable man. 

In other news, Jay has arrived in Hongkong this afternoon to prepare for six nights of concerts from 19 to 24 November.
Naturally, he was queried about wedding plans too but he only smiled and nodded without giving any answers. :)

All I can say is that I feel vindicated now that Jayannah has proven to be real. :)

You see, back in 2011 when news first broke about them, with the photo of Jay's arm around Hannah in Paris, many of the fans on the forum where I was active were a little disbelieving about the relationship, some to the point of being disparaging.  

I, on the other hand, felt otherwise and was always one to keep an open mind about it, as long as Jay was happy, yet keep up with whatever information could be gleaned from the news. Which was not easy, given how secretive Mr Chou was,
Nonetheless, as time went by, I discovered more about Hannah and her work. I was also liking her more and more and was soon convinced that she was the one for Jay and that this would be his most lasting relationship since his breakup with Ms Hou. 

To recap, here is what I wrote about her in June this year:


Most people probably feel that Hannah is the luckiest girl in the world to have 'hooked' Mr Chou, who has arguably been the most eligible bachelor in Taiwan for many years.
But let's look at this another way....and for this I have to thank Mr Q, a wise old gentleman who quietly pointed out to me that it should be Jay who is fortunate to have found such a lovely partner as Hannah instead!

Ah well, can we just say that the both of them look to be quite the happy couple and with God's grace, will have a meaningful life together.

And we fans are behind them all the way!

GO JAYANNAH!!!! *fist pump*

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