Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Random DIAOness Ramblings: Part 1

Most definitely! Jacky Wu was so SO WRONG, when he declared that Jay was 'not handsome' enough to be a pop star, waaay back in those Alfa Music days.

Beyond a doubt!
My dear Jay Chou:
Do you even realise what you're doing to your devoted fans??

 Yes, he loves his cars:

Yet, he is SUCH a DECENT guy who loves his Mum and has strong values and principles regarding love, relationships, marriage (from many interviews he has done) and his film-making:

Call me naive and unrealistic but I totally agree with what he says and it's also a well-known fact that his songs are quite devoid of vulgarities and sexual innuendos, which was a major reason why I embraced his music so wholeheartedly and became such a firm fan.

Here's another quote about his legendary loyalty to his friends which made me melt:

"I want to have a Jay Building. When my friends start families, each friend will live on one floor, and after we get old, we'll all be together."

Awww!!!! What a sweetheart he is!

One of my friends, B, said it best:
"He is just like a big boy. In some ways, I feel he is quite innocent despite the fame and complicated industry."
I couldn't agree more. :)
I attribute it to a good upbringing, an innate sense of self-confidence in his own abilities and a refusal to follow the crowd. 

To be honest, when I first got into the throes of Jay Chou fandom, I did wonder how long this particular phase would last, given that hardly any of my usual crowd of friends were into Mandopop, much less Jay Chou.
But thanks to Jay Chou Studio and the bunch of enthusiastic members I met online there, the flames of fandom were fuelled and led me to having my own youtube channel (fandomizfun1318, primarily for Jay stuff), starting this blog and more recently, a fan Page in English for The Rooftop. 
I realised from my participation in JCS and when I started my DIAOness blog, that many Jay fans were not Chinese and really appreciated the translations I tried my best to provide. It was very heartwarming when they thanked me for helping them understand what Jay said in various programmes and articles.

Somewhere along the way, I also got to know more friends in the Jay Chou Singapore and Malaysia fanclub, and realised what a diverse bunch they are but all united firmly in their love and admiration for Jay; the males are as fervent, if not more so, than the females!

All in, loving His Royal DIAOness has been a wonderful ride so far. Life has certainly not been the same and now I'm wondering what to do beyond The Rooftop Facebook Page.
I suppose I'll keep it going until the Golden Horse Awards where Jay hopes to win something and also wait for the DVD release.

Perhaps my next step should be a Jay Chou fan Page in English of my own, although there are such Pages already and it would take a lot more effort to maintain, as it would encompass so much more of Jay's many facets and ventures. 
Well, I'm still ruminating over this.
We'll see.

Here are a couple of cute snippets to put another smile on your face: :)

And a nice picture collage I made of His Royal DIAOness:


Monday, 22 July 2013

Jay was/is sick!

All that relentless travelling and promotion events for The Rooftop finally took its toll on His Royal DIAOness, who came down with the flu some time during the week, when he also lost his voice, needed steroid injections and painkillers yet took the trouble to send out a naughty pic of his 8-pack to tantalise the fans!

Staring pensively at the harbourin Hongkong where he had a couple of events to attend, after he had had an injection on his butt..lol!
I tell you, all the fans on FB and weibo were so concerned about him!
He was also due for a concert in Nanning on Saturday (yesterday).

After which THIS came out....omg!I swear...those pants are just asking to be pulled down.... ;)

杰倫:原來健身再怎麼健還是會感冒的 好久沒被醫生打針打屁屁了 我看著大海 開始憂鬱了 不知是演唱會怕沒聲音還是屁屁被看到的關係.....

Jay: Despite working out and keeping fit, it seems like one can still get the flu. I've not had an injection for a very long time. Looking at the sea makes me feel depressed; not sure if it's because I'm afraid I won't be able to sing at the concert or because my buttock had to be exposed....



But....Super Trouper that he was, the next pic that came out was this one showing him gamely doing the Rooftop POSE whilst having another injection before his concert. It was a steroid shot for his laryngitis.

He talked about his flu during the concert but still gave it his all, despite a slight hoarseness in his voice:


Jay: "I was feeling a little anxious today, because I had caught the flu. I had no voice when rehearsing yesterday. But I felt that I could not let my friends in Nanning down like that. Which is why I just had an injection backstage earlier on. I hope my voice will get better and I will do my best no matter what.
I was not feeling too good initially but after seeing all of you, my whole mood became much better."

Any wonder why we love him sooooo much??? ♥

But I really hope he recovers well soon.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Fangirl muses on The Rooftop (beware spoilers)

Doesn't he look soooo handsome in that pic??

So....*spoilers here*

Have you guys watched The Rooftop yet??
Did you enjoy Jay's one-of-a-kind movie musical?
If you did, have you gone to watch it again?
Anecdotal evidence from my friends who have done so indicate that most of them found it a really different experience altogether and they were full of praise for Jay's ability to pull off something like this, practically single-handed.

Reviews from the local papers and the USA indicate that most critics understood and admired the immensity of shooting a movie in this genre and appreciated his handling of multiple roles.
Nonetheless, the general consensus is that the ending could have been better, instead of being so, arguably, overly dramatic.
Personally, I am not sure why Jay chose to do it that way but I think it's his nature to want to 'surprise' the audience in everything he does, whether in concerts or movies. (Think Secret)
So what appears to be a cute and fun musical in the first half takes a turn to the dark side in the second half and stirs up emotions in a different way from the start of the movie, with incidental music to match.
And truly, I was torn apart when Lang Zi Gao unwittingly became papparazzi fodder without realising it and Xinai got scolded by her father, who then proceeded to tell LZG off harshly.
I had a little more sympathy for him later, though, when he tried his best to rescue her from the slimy William character (haha...it was nice to see Darren in a new role of  'villain') but the last part where Jay pushed Xinai out of the car shocked me, although I could tell through the movie that this was one couple who would not have a happy-ever-after ending.

My absolute favourite song in the movie would have to be Moonlight On The Rooftop (天台的月光tian tai de yue guang),when LZG got his friends to help put up a shadow play dance to express his feelings for Xinai on Valentine's Day....it was soooo sweet! After which he presented her with a rose...they almost kissed but did not.
Le sigh....the song was beautifully composed and sung by Jay....le sigh....(I'm sorry....the tune was stuck in my mind after I watched the movie....still is!)

Here's a clip of that romantic scene:

And the BTS:

Here are a few other scenes which are on youtube:

The papparazzi song (very very Jay!):

The first song on the rooftop (very musical-like!):

BTS with English subs:

Of course now I can't wait for the DVD!

Here are some links to articles and reviews:










A short clip by MM2 Entertainment of fans' reactions to the movie: 

For more pics and updates or to catch up, please go to the Page I set up:


And the latest is:

The box office for The Rooftop has topped 100 million yuan, being the first movie-musical to do so! Congrats, Director Chou!!!
Looks like Jay has achieved his aim! 

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Jay Chou's The Rooftop ROCKS!

Hi all!
I've been caught up with work and domestic issues the past week but of course still managed to find time to catch The Rooftop.
Well, I've finally watched His Royal DIAOness' labour of love...twice!
And the second time was even better!
And....I intend to go again next week.

First off, let me state categorically that my view of The Rooftop is, unavoidably influenced by the fact that I am a die-hard Jay Chou fangirl who has followed the progress of this movie from the very start, complete with all the press conferences, news updates, interviews, trailers, behind-the-scenes clips and promotional events.
I even started a Facebook Page for this film, which saw 300 Likes being reached on the day of The Rooftop's release, viz 11 July. As the number, 300, is also featured prominently in the movie, this was of even more significance to me. :)


My thoughts on The Rooftop

Admittedly, the storyline in The Rooftop is quite simple and as Jay mentioned in many interviews, there IS NO 'secret' in this movie, unlike his first directorial effort in 2007.

Here is a good synopsis from Wellgo USA:


"Living on the rooftop, Gao and his friends are the happiest bunch in the city of Galilee. Though life can be tough in this bustling metropolis, that doesn’t stop them from churning out song and dance with a zest for life. However, when Gao meets his dream girl, Sian, fate takes him on a wild ride through romance, friendship, and gang rivalry, told in enchanting melodies and stunning dance numbers."

I have read some reviews of the movie already, some good, some not so and would have to say that some of the criticisms are justified but all in, it is a definitely above average as far as musical movies go.
It's not perfect, mind you but considering that there is absolutely nothing like this in the history of Chinese movies, I felt the reviewers should have kept this in mind and been a little more supportive.

I was captivated right from the opening frame, quirky and colourful as it went on accompanied by Jay's melodius soundtrack. The pace of the movie was good, with the song and dance numbers at appropriate places; true, it felt like a whole MTV show but then again, Jay intended for this to be a MUSICAL. And a fun one, at that!
Of course, there was the requisite star-crossed romance, various villainous guys and action of the kungfu and car-chase variety.
I found the ending a little over-the-top but at the end of the day, I did not go to this movie for the story and for that matter, for Jay's acting. ;)

Like Secret, on this movie, it was the MUSIC which enticed me and totally won me over....all the song and dance numbers and score written by our awesome Mr DIAO and which are what I enjoyed the most. Also what would compel me to go back for another viewing or more.
My absolute favourite (apart from You Are Everywhere) has to be Moonlight On The Rooftop....love Jay's voice!


Special mention must also be made of the Hajiu song in the night market. :)

But to be honest, every single track on the OST fits into the scenes tremendously well and just listening to them now already has the power to make me smile and touch my heart.

Here is my playlist of the OST:


The fact that he was the director also gives him points in my book and as he has mentioned in an interview, how many directors can also be the composer for their own musical??
And write songs in so many different styles for that matter?

In conclusion:

Only His Royal DIAOness, Jay Chou possesses the multiple abilities and more importantly, BALLS to pull together a musically and visually spectacular treat like The Rooftop, which is truly a first in the Chinese movie industry and a far cry from Secret, his directorial debut in 2007.

Here's a nice interview with Jay from The Straits Times:

"What's wrong with showcasing skills that you have worked so hard to obtain and develop?"

Well said, Jay!!


I could not squeeze in a post about the premiere in Taipei but here's the playlist for you viewing pleasure:


So....how many of you have gotten to watch this delightful movie?
Do share your opinions in Comments below!

And here's a nice pic to end off with....Lang Zi Gao says:
"You can be extraordinary!"

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Jay Chou: 24th Golden Melody Awards

First off, let me get this out of the way:

Jay was nominated for Best Male Singer and Best Album for the 24th GMAs but no, he did not win in either category.
But I get the feeling that this does not bother him much as he has already won so many GMAs in the past 13 years, about 15 or so, I think.
His focus is now on The Rooftop and what he will achieve with that and we are all super looking forward to the movie's imminent release.

However, even though His Royal DIAOness came away empty-handed this year, he still managed to leave his stamp on the show in his own DIAO way, as I will proceed to show. ;)

Whilst everyone else arrived in a normal car, Mr Chou just had to turn up in....a covered van!

Thankfully, his outfit this year was a vast improvement over last year's and I was terribly relieved to see him in proper fitting pants which showed off his trim figure wonderfully. Not to mention that low-cut top which gave us a good view of his toned upper chest complete with a hint of pecs cleavage! *faints*

Omg...this is my fave shot of him, strolling down the red carpet! SOOOO SHUAI!!!!! (Chinese for handsome!)

 Jay with his music arranger, Huang Yuxun, who was nominated for A Larger Cello but did not win.

See what I mean about PECS CLEAVAGE??

Vid of his red carpet walk and interview:

Then came the ceremony proper and this was where Jay certainly shone and made an impression, with his utterly cool impromptu performance on the piano!
As we all know, he had been busily travelling all over China to promote his new movie the past week and had only just returned to Taipei from Shanghai on Friday afternoon.
He had not had time to rehearse and was not planning on performing for the GMAs.
However, Matilda Tao (the host) was not letting him get off that easily and at the opening of the show, she charmingly asked that he join her on stage....and Jay was sporting enough to play along!
With a casual shrug of his right shoulder and an insouciant glance at the camera as he sauntered up to the stage (that part kills me!) where a grand piano was wheeled out for him. He went on to entertain with his renditions of not just his own songs but other artistes' too, along with snippets from Chopin, Liszt and Super Mario game music to suit Matilda's scenarios at the end.
He was such a natural and so cool....I'm still awestruck. :)

Here's the vid of this awesome performance:

Beautiful from any angle! And it seems like all the guys are going socks-less now. :)

His next attention-grabbing segment was when he co-presented with Jolin Tsai for the Best Male Singer award.
As is well known, the fans and media lurve to speculate on the Double-J connection and this was always going to be a highlight of this event.
Knowing all that, however, the two of them still graciously did their job and there was amusing banter amidst Matilda's repeated urging for them to hug each other...lol!
Jay mischievously asked Jolin if she had been working out and she replied that she had and also commented that he was looking pretty good too.
Lol at the part where she asked him to reveal more of his chest and Jay responded with a Chinese term of annoyance! ;)
Jay said it was good for ladies to work out too so that she would not get too breathless whilst singing and dancing. He also quipped that if her ' friend' (sly reference to her beau, model Vivian Dawson) was not able to take her to the gym, she could use his (Jay's)....lol!
Till the end of the presentation, Matilda was continuing her 'Bao bao' (hugs) request but I'm glad to say, Jay did not cave in to pressure and quickly made his exit, leaving Jolin to walk after him.
It was no surprise to me that he would not have done so as he is not the hugging and touchy-feely type and would have been doubly on his guard, especially where Ms Tsai was concerned. ;)


And with that, I shall now look forward to The Rooftop!


The Rooftop: Talkshows!

I'm writing this post as the Golden Melody Awards (GMAs) are going on; my Smart TV is recording the whole show (so that I can watch later at leisure and on the big screen) and I'm also getting updates from Facebook.
More on the GMAs in another post!

As is usual when Jay releases a new album or a new movie, he makes the rounds of all the talkshows to promote his stuff and The Rooftop has been no different.

My fellow Jay fans have been amazingly QUICK in uploading the vids...and whole, at that!
I spent pretty much of the past week catching up on all the shows and would like to share them here.
Unfortunately, they are, of course, all in Chinese without any English subtitles.
I have not mastered the art of adding subs yet but after watching them all, have come to some conclusions about the insights shared by Jay, Will, Kenny B, Xinai, etc.

So for this post, I shall share the links to the various talkshows and my take on the highlights as far as I can remember; 'cos after watching so many, I might get a little confused...lol!
Feel free to comment or ask anything!

Here goes!

Kangxi Lai Le:
Jay, Will Liu and two of the other supporting actors, one of whom is Ah Ken, who plays the bowling alley owner and the other guy plays a stallholder in the night market. :)

SS Xiao Yen
Jay, Will and Kenny B; Kenny sings 'If' beautifully and Jay sings a short snippet from The Rooftop...also beautifully. :)
I like SS Xiao Yen's show very much; she's utterly charming but asks very probing questions yet with great warmth for Jay. I especially love it at the end when she gives her own opinion on her guest; her words are always very apt and meaningful. :)

20/08/2013: Hmm...vid no longer available. :(

Totally Entertainment (Wan Quan Yu Le)
Watch out for Jay tossing basketballs and playing piano for Kenny B to sing If. :)

NB: Vid no longer available

A Date With Lu Yu
Jay and Wang Xueqi on this show. With a special guest appearance by a youngster who has worked with Jay a few years ago. I always like Lu Yu's style of hosting too.


Sina Premium interview
Jay, Will and Xinai on this show, which is rather quieter but no less full of insights.

Vids no longer available.
Part 1:

Part 2:

Ten Thousand Show Pig King (literally)
Jay, Will and Cong Cong on Zhu Geliang's show, where the host speaks mostly dialect.

I think there is still one more viz 100% Entertainment, hosted by Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) and Alien Huang (Xiao Gui), which promises to be another very fun episode. When it's available,I will insert it here so do check back for updates periodically.

My thoughts

Well, after watching the many talkshows which were aired over the past week, there are some points which Jay, Will and his co-stars have reiterated.

1. Jay is a very hardworking director who pays great attention to every little detail, down to shopping for clothes for even the extras or supporting characters. He would also make sure all the sets, props and even the subtitles were in order and long after everyone else had knocked off, he'd still be busy editing or rewriting the scripts, depending on whatever inspirations he would get.
Will Liu said that he would see Jay writing stuff when he went to bed and when he got up, Jay would give him the rewritten script to take and print out for the actors for that day. This. of course. led to uncertainty on the parts of the actors but nonetheless, they would eventually see that the re-done scripts or ideas were better than the original. So that made it easier to put up with the director's demands. ;)

2. Xu Fan did not think she would have to sing and dance as she felt her voice was not good enough and initially, she really did not. However, some time during filming, Jay casually suggested that she give the song and dance a try. One thing led to another and the end result was quite pleasing! \

3. Jay and Will had actually talked about making a movie together from as far back as during THe Green Hornet days. Jay had thought up about four or more stories and one of them was The Rooftop. Not all of them necessarily required him to be the lead actor either.
What made them decide on The Rooftop was the fact that even though it would be the toughest to shoot, it was also a movie which would be unlike anything ever done in Chinese cinema viz incorporating music, action and romance.
I remember mentioning some time ago that the logical next step for Jay, after pop music, is definitely to write a movie soundtrack or music for a live musical. He has shown his versatility in composing songs in different genres and his abilities can definitely be stretched more. With his knack of coming up with tunes to suit any scenario (as witnessed in many live shows and Mr J Channel), a movie score is not impossible for him.

4. Coordinating the fight scenes with music was a huge challenge for the choreographers and martial arts instructor (who was Korean!).

5.When they had to close off a whole street to film, Jay would make sure the residents and shopowners were more than adequately compensated for the inconvenience and their loss of potential income. Which built up a lot of goodwill for the movie. Not to mention, the locals got to see the stars and witness the shooting!

6. This movie has been a labour of love for Jay and it can be seen from the trailers, behind-the-scenes vids and interviews that he has really given his all in writing, directing and acting in it, not to mention all the post-production work. He has also candidly admitted that he hopes it will do well, not just at the box office but also be recognised with an award or two when the time comes.

Hope you guys enjoy the shows.
I will update accordingly when there are more. :)

I want to write about the GMAs next!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Rooftop Updates

1. JVR released a very good trailer


I thought this one is the best so far; Jay was very reluctant to reveal too much in the trailer and it took lots of persuading on Will Liu and Yang Junrong's part to finally get him to show more interesting parts so as to entice more audiences. ;)

Wonder what he's holding in that pic below?

2. Special advance screening for Uni students in Taipei and Kaohsiung, where Will and Jay made an appearance to promote and answer questions about the movie. The response from the students about the movie was really good!

Link to a clip with the students' rave reviews:


3. Beijing premiere on 1 July 2013

4. A nice interview from Sino-Us via WSJ:


5. Links to USA ticketing site and NYFF:



"Closing the festival on July 15 is one of the oddest and yet most comfortingly familiar of this year’s entries. The Taiwanese musical “The Rooftop,” directed by and starring the pop singer Jay Chou (Kato in the 2011 Hollywood “Green Hornet”), combines a dreamy logic with a frantic pace. Pinballing from one fantastical scenario to another, it’s like a child-safe version of a John Waters movie.
Mr. Chou plays Wax, a resident of the bohemian enclave of the title who’s so cool that he uses a switchblade to smooth his pompadour. In the course of the film he romances a bashful actress and engages in kung fu battles with various thugs. (In a distinctly Asian twist, the main point of contention is a seat on the city housing authority.) The wonderful Eric Tsang plays an amiable charlatan who promotes his herbal medicines with a hip-hop floor show featuring women in mini-cheongsams and men in wheelchairs.
Mr. Chou never runs out of ideas: at one point a newspaper page reorients itself and becomes a nightclub stage for a production number about the dangers of the paparazzi. It’s a scene redolent of Busby Berkeley and Fred Astaire, and when was the last time an American movie made you think of them?"

See link below for the full story...but I just love that line:
"Mr Chou never runs out of ideas."

So true!!!


6. Advance ticket sales have started in Singapore and I've booked mine for 11 July already, together with about another 12 friends.


Well, I entered a few contests to try and win gala premiere tickets....still waiting for results.
*fingers and toes crossed*

7. To end off, here are some truly DIAO pics of Jay and Xinai for more mags

And a fashion shoot clip....Xinai is really pretty and Jay is SOOOO HANDSOME AND SOOOOO HAWT!!!!

Jacky Wu must be eating his words BIG TIME now!!! :P


Cheers all!