Sunday, 21 July 2013

Fangirl muses on The Rooftop (beware spoilers)

Doesn't he look soooo handsome in that pic??

So....*spoilers here*

Have you guys watched The Rooftop yet??
Did you enjoy Jay's one-of-a-kind movie musical?
If you did, have you gone to watch it again?
Anecdotal evidence from my friends who have done so indicate that most of them found it a really different experience altogether and they were full of praise for Jay's ability to pull off something like this, practically single-handed.

Reviews from the local papers and the USA indicate that most critics understood and admired the immensity of shooting a movie in this genre and appreciated his handling of multiple roles.
Nonetheless, the general consensus is that the ending could have been better, instead of being so, arguably, overly dramatic.
Personally, I am not sure why Jay chose to do it that way but I think it's his nature to want to 'surprise' the audience in everything he does, whether in concerts or movies. (Think Secret)
So what appears to be a cute and fun musical in the first half takes a turn to the dark side in the second half and stirs up emotions in a different way from the start of the movie, with incidental music to match.
And truly, I was torn apart when Lang Zi Gao unwittingly became papparazzi fodder without realising it and Xinai got scolded by her father, who then proceeded to tell LZG off harshly.
I had a little more sympathy for him later, though, when he tried his best to rescue her from the slimy William character ( was nice to see Darren in a new role of  'villain') but the last part where Jay pushed Xinai out of the car shocked me, although I could tell through the movie that this was one couple who would not have a happy-ever-after ending.

My absolute favourite song in the movie would have to be Moonlight On The Rooftop (天台的月光tian tai de yue guang),when LZG got his friends to help put up a shadow play dance to express his feelings for Xinai on Valentine's was soooo sweet! After which he presented her with a rose...they almost kissed but did not.
Le sigh....the song was beautifully composed and sung by Jay....le sigh....(I'm sorry....the tune was stuck in my mind after I watched the movie....still is!)

Here's a clip of that romantic scene:

And the BTS:

Here are a few other scenes which are on youtube:

The papparazzi song (very very Jay!):

The first song on the rooftop (very musical-like!):

BTS with English subs:

Of course now I can't wait for the DVD!

Here are some links to articles and reviews:

A short clip by MM2 Entertainment of fans' reactions to the movie:

For more pics and updates or to catch up, please go to the Page I set up:

And the latest is:

The box office for The Rooftop has topped 100 million yuan, being the first movie-musical to do so! Congrats, Director Chou!!!
Looks like Jay has achieved his aim! 

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