Monday, 22 July 2013

Jay was/is sick!

All that relentless travelling and promotion events for The Rooftop finally took its toll on His Royal DIAOness, who came down with the flu some time during the week, when he also lost his voice, needed steroid injections and painkillers yet took the trouble to send out a naughty pic of his 8-pack to tantalise the fans!

Staring pensively at the harbourin Hongkong where he had a couple of events to attend, after he had had an injection on his!
I tell you, all the fans on FB and weibo were so concerned about him!
He was also due for a concert in Nanning on Saturday (yesterday).

After which THIS came out....omg!I swear...those pants are just asking to be pulled down.... ;)

杰倫:原來健身再怎麼健還是會感冒的 好久沒被醫生打針打屁屁了 我看著大海 開始憂鬱了 不知是演唱會怕沒聲音還是屁屁被看到的關係.....

Jay: Despite working out and keeping fit, it seems like one can still get the flu. I've not had an injection for a very long time. Looking at the sea makes me feel depressed; not sure if it's because I'm afraid I won't be able to sing at the concert or because my buttock had to be exposed....


But....Super Trouper that he was, the next pic that came out was this one showing him gamely doing the Rooftop POSE whilst having another injection before his concert. It was a steroid shot for his laryngitis.

He talked about his flu during the concert but still gave it his all, despite a slight hoarseness in his voice:

Jay: "I was feeling a little anxious today, because I had caught the flu. I had no voice when rehearsing yesterday. But I felt that I could not let my friends in Nanning down like that. Which is why I just had an injection backstage earlier on. I hope my voice will get better and I will do my best no matter what.
I was not feeling too good initially but after seeing all of you, my whole mood became much better."

Any wonder why we love him sooooo much??? ♥

But I really hope he recovers well soon.

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