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The Rooftop: Talkshows!

I'm writing this post as the Golden Melody Awards (GMAs) are going on; my Smart TV is recording the whole show (so that I can watch later at leisure and on the big screen) and I'm also getting updates from Facebook.
More on the GMAs in another post!

As is usual when Jay releases a new album or a new movie, he makes the rounds of all the talkshows to promote his stuff and The Rooftop has been no different.

My fellow Jay fans have been amazingly QUICK in uploading the vids...and whole, at that!
I spent pretty much of the past week catching up on all the shows and would like to share them here.
Unfortunately, they are, of course, all in Chinese without any English subtitles.
I have not mastered the art of adding subs yet but after watching them all, have come to some conclusions about the insights shared by Jay, Will, Kenny B, Xinai, etc.

So for this post, I shall share the links to the various talkshows and my take on the highlights as far as I can remember; 'cos after watching so many, I might get a little!
Feel free to comment or ask anything!

Here goes!

Kangxi Lai Le:
Jay, Will Liu and two of the other supporting actors, one of whom is Ah Ken, who plays the bowling alley owner and the other guy plays a stallholder in the night market. :)

SS Xiao Yen
Jay, Will and Kenny B; Kenny sings 'If' beautifully and Jay sings a short snippet from The Rooftop...also beautifully. :)
I like SS Xiao Yen's show very much; she's utterly charming but asks very probing questions yet with great warmth for Jay. I especially love it at the end when she gives her own opinion on her guest; her words are always very apt and meaningful. :)

20/08/2013: Hmm...vid no longer available. :(

Totally Entertainment (Wan Quan Yu Le)
Watch out for Jay tossing basketballs and playing piano for Kenny B to sing If. :)

NB: Vid no longer available

A Date With Lu Yu
Jay and Wang Xueqi on this show. With a special guest appearance by a youngster who has worked with Jay a few years ago. I always like Lu Yu's style of hosting too.

Sina Premium interview
Jay, Will and Xinai on this show, which is rather quieter but no less full of insights.

Vids no longer available.
Part 1:

Part 2:

Ten Thousand Show Pig King (literally)
Jay, Will and Cong Cong on Zhu Geliang's show, where the host speaks mostly dialect.

I think there is still one more viz 100% Entertainment, hosted by Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) and Alien Huang (Xiao Gui), which promises to be another very fun episode. When it's available,I will insert it here so do check back for updates periodically.

My thoughts

Well, after watching the many talkshows which were aired over the past week, there are some points which Jay, Will and his co-stars have reiterated.

1. Jay is a very hardworking director who pays great attention to every little detail, down to shopping for clothes for even the extras or supporting characters. He would also make sure all the sets, props and even the subtitles were in order and long after everyone else had knocked off, he'd still be busy editing or rewriting the scripts, depending on whatever inspirations he would get.
Will Liu said that he would see Jay writing stuff when he went to bed and when he got up, Jay would give him the rewritten script to take and print out for the actors for that day. This. of course. led to uncertainty on the parts of the actors but nonetheless, they would eventually see that the re-done scripts or ideas were better than the original. So that made it easier to put up with the director's demands. ;)

2. Xu Fan did not think she would have to sing and dance as she felt her voice was not good enough and initially, she really did not. However, some time during filming, Jay casually suggested that she give the song and dance a try. One thing led to another and the end result was quite pleasing! \

3. Jay and Will had actually talked about making a movie together from as far back as during THe Green Hornet days. Jay had thought up about four or more stories and one of them was The Rooftop. Not all of them necessarily required him to be the lead actor either.
What made them decide on The Rooftop was the fact that even though it would be the toughest to shoot, it was also a movie which would be unlike anything ever done in Chinese cinema viz incorporating music, action and romance.
I remember mentioning some time ago that the logical next step for Jay, after pop music, is definitely to write a movie soundtrack or music for a live musical. He has shown his versatility in composing songs in different genres and his abilities can definitely be stretched more. With his knack of coming up with tunes to suit any scenario (as witnessed in many live shows and Mr J Channel), a movie score is not impossible for him.

4. Coordinating the fight scenes with music was a huge challenge for the choreographers and martial arts instructor (who was Korean!).

5.When they had to close off a whole street to film, Jay would make sure the residents and shopowners were more than adequately compensated for the inconvenience and their loss of potential income. Which built up a lot of goodwill for the movie. Not to mention, the locals got to see the stars and witness the shooting!

6. This movie has been a labour of love for Jay and it can be seen from the trailers, behind-the-scenes vids and interviews that he has really given his all in writing, directing and acting in it, not to mention all the post-production work. He has also candidly admitted that he hopes it will do well, not just at the box office but also be recognised with an award or two when the time comes.

Hope you guys enjoy the shows.
I will update accordingly when there are more. :)

I want to write about the GMAs next!

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