Sunday, 28 June 2015

Jay Chou: 26th Golden Melody Awards 2015 (updated)

"Seeing the ultrasound scan of my baby for the first time was ten times more moving than winning a Golden Melody Award." --- Jay Chou

That quote struck me when I first read it a few weeks ago.
This is from a man who has been on top of the heap of the Mandopop world for the longest time and who is embarking on a new phase in his life. He has made no secret of the fact that he is ready to embrace marriage and fatherhood and his words rang out with sincerity. 

Well, the 26th Golden Melody Awards has come and gone on the night of 27 June 2015.
Jay was nominated in two categories viz Best Producer and Best Album. 
He had mentioned that although he still felt anxious about winning, yet he would treat the whole event as a party and not take whether he won or lost too seriously. 
However, he added that he gave Hannah a kiss and rubbed her tummy for luck (the Chinese words for pregnancy and luck sound the same!) before leaving the house as he also hoped to win so as to give his wife a good account. ;)

In attendance with him on the red carpet walk was his newly-formed group, CUG, comprising Xiao Mai, Xue Gao and Ah Ken. 

Arrival and red carpet walk:

Short press interview pre-awards: 

Life is a game. ;)

I don't know about you guys but I'm totally loving his outfit, especially the bowler hat and his cute upswept fringe! Also very relieved that he did not wear baggy!

Two years ago, he took to the stage and had fun playing the piano and improvising with Matilda Tao.

This year, he had his winged Secret piano at hand for his performance tribute to Jody Chiang, the doyen of the Taiwanese music industry, who recently announced that she was retiring from showbiz.
She was presented with a Lifetime Contribution Award.
His rendition of The Sound Of Rain was simply exquisite but then again, it was a song which he had written for her sixteen years ago when he was a budding composer, together with Vincent Fang who was the lyricist. And this was the first song on which they had collaborated and was accepted by a singer. It thus holds a special significance for him, too.
Love love love how he tickles the ivories so wonderfully!

More pics:

Earlier article about Randy Jackson's involvement and

The burning question must now be:

So did Jay win any award tonight??

I have to tell you the answer is 'no'.
But somehow, I feel that it does not matter that much to Jay at this stage; he has bigger things in his life now. He has won numerous awards over the course of his illustrious career and he is still going strong with ever more endeavours apart from releasing albums. Not forgetting that he will soon be a father. :)

I hope he gets in a good rest before he heads off to whatever is next in his busy schedule.

Good night!

Update on 28 June 2015:

News article:

And he was back to basketball!
(Photo from Mr J official Page.)


Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Voice of China; Mi Gu Fan Meet; LOL; OPUS 2 Shenzhen; CUG; Hannah!

Jay had a spate of activities and events last week!
I'm breathless just keeping up with him!

The Voice Of China press conference 18 June 2015

Jay enjoyed his experience with the other mentors on The Voice Of China.
He was concerned about what sort of facial expression and actions he should adopt, being well aware that the cameras are focused on him.
Harlem Yu and him also bantered about working out and who had the better physique.
The judges appear to have good chemistry both on and off stage.
Can't wait to watch the show proper!

Mi Gu Music Fan Meet on 19 June 2015

Jay seldom holds fan meets so this was indeed a very special event in Shenzhen, sponsored by China Mobile's subsidiary media arm, Migu.

The opening performance by the a troupe of utterly adorable 6 to 8-year-olds, dancing to Jay's Extra Large Shoes was so captivating that I had to replay it a few!
Jay was similarly impressed and told the emcee that they danced better than him!
The leader of the troupe was 8 years old and took the mike confidently to thank Jay for giving them an opportunity to be on the same stage as him. She also wished him and Baby Chou well. :)
Jay then asked the emcee to consider recruiting her as she spoke so well!
As the kids ran off the stage, Jay could not help but quip how nice it would be to have a whole brood of talented children like that! ;)

Other highlights were Jay and Cindy's performance of What's Wrong and Cindy also sang one of her new songs.

There were games for lucky fans and Jay ended by singing Handwritten Past.


Link to full vid:

Love his checquerboard jacket!

Cuteness overload!


League Of Legends Taiwan press conference on 20 June 2015

It seems our Jay has been playing League Of Legends, an online game since last year. And when he does, he uses his Aiyo Not Bad phrase as his name!

Link to report in Chinese:

Some highlights:

Jay was introduced to LOL by his hairstylist in May 2014, initially going to internet cafes to play, which his mother was not happy about. He eventually set up his own computer to play at home, thus allowing him the freedom to play for as long as he liked. He was also quite cock-a-hoop that this was one endorsement which resulted from his participation in the game and gleefully told his Mum: it's not everybody who can get a chance to play and become a spokesperson!

He plays almost every day, and especially likes to do so after a concert as a way to unwind. If he plays well, he will chat with other players online. At times, some of the more alert players will realise who he is and ask him questions like "What will you wear to the Golden Melody Awards?", to which he sportingly replied and reminded them to watch the show, but he would not be holding a!
There was also another instance when a player mistook him for Jacky Cheung, but Jay was not perturbed.
He also joked that he often encourages other players not to give up easily and likens himself to a 'spiritual guide'!
And when he encounters younger players online at a late hour, he would tell them to go to sleep or their father might cut off their internet connection!
He had been asked to form a team with other artistes who play LOL but decided against it as he does not think he is a good enough player.

He also talked about his in-game name. (I am not sure what the name is. When I find out, I'll update here.)
When asked if he would play LOL with his Baby Chou, he was quick to reply that children should obey their parents and study hard instead of spending too much time on the computer. LOL is his addiction, not the kid's. ;)

Vid of press conference:

He is also writing a song for LOL, and should be performing it in September at a LOL event. 
His new album's release will be pushed to 2016.


OPUS 2 Shenzhen on 20 June 2015

Link to photos:

Link to vids:

All Stars concert with CUG on 21 June 2015

Jay and CUG, comprising Xiao Mai, Xue Gao and Ah Ken, performed at a concert.


I do not have vids yet. Will update when available.

On a separate note, it was nice to see Hannah visiting Jay in Shanghai on the set of The Voice Of China on 22 June 2015!
Na Ying also prepared a nice gift for Baby Chou, saying it was suitable whatever the gender. ;)


Monday, 15 June 2015

MV for I Want Summer

I love this song, I Want Summer.
It has a catchy tune and lively beat; more importantly, I found that the rhythm and tempo of this song made me go faster and more enthusiastically when I listened to it while running.
Especially the chorus!

And at long last, the MV was released on 11 June 2015 at 10:00am, a day after JVR released the behind-the-scenes vid.
As expected, it featured the beach, bikini babes, comic relief from Du Ge and Xiao Mai and most importantly, Jay looking and acting all cool on a jetski!
Oh...and Gary, who was his duet partner in this song,got in a bit of fun with the girls too.
I also loved Jason Huang showing off his prowess on the portable keyboard and violin....yes, he really does play those instruments!
The location was Kenting beach in Taiwan and if you remember previously, this was where Jay nearly got hit by the drone they were using to film him on the jetski.
Unfortunately, the drone could not be recovered, even with help from a scuba diving team who Jay hired to search for it.


The making-of vid:

News from weibo mentioned that he had taken lessons on how to ride a jetski during his recent honeymoon in Thailand and seeing how confident he was in the MV, I'd say he certainly knows how to maximise his vacation.
Another point to note that he is seemingly no longer afraid of water, as he has previously always talked about, what with his near-drowning incidents in childhood and songs like Hydrophobic Sailor.
Du Ge apparently had many NG takes, making Jay rather exasperated; he was only appeased by seeing Hannah, who was at the sidelines.

Omg...his hair looks perfect!
Plus those Oakley shades and that tight white tee....what a swoon-inducing combination! *faints*

It is not often that we get to see His Royal Diaoness all wet, so this MV is an especial feast for the eyes.

Jay having fun with the cast.

Cute. Just Cute!

The dimple!

Good night!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Diaoness Updates: The Voice Of China 4; Love and Be Friends; AEON; OPUS 2 Ji Nan

Well, he looks happy enough!
And why shouldn't he?
That was at the press conference for The Voice Of China, Season 4 in Shanghai three days ago.

Being the newest and youngest mentor on this popular talent show has got to be quite another feather in Jay's cap, (like he needs any more...haha!) but seriously, it appears that his reasons for declining to take part in earlier seasons have been sound and it now looks like a good time for him to finally join Harlem Yu, Na Ying and Wang Feng on this stage to show off more Diaoness.
The only fly in the ointment may be the fact that this may clash with another very important event in his life viz when Hannah delivers their first baby, possibly in October.
However, true to his professionalism, he stated that he would not relinquish this responsibility to a deputy and is committed to accompany his students all the way in their quest.
A very special carrot has also been dangled viz a musical which JVR and a China company are producing and in which he will reserve a place for his protege from The Voice Of China.

News reports about the press conference:

Jay's promo clip:

Jay directing Harlem Yu and Na Ying:

Poster about the musical:

Doesn't he look utterly adorable as a cowboy again?? This is from the promotional posters for the show.

Check out more pics from the Page album:

Link to the vid of the press conference:


Jay shows his compassionate side in the latest vid for Love And Be Friends:


News links:


Get ready to be blown away by His Royal Handsomeness in the latest AEON commercial!
Don't say I didn't warn you!!


OPUS 2 Ji Nan on 06062015:

Important trivia from this concert is that this is the 66th concert in the OPUS JAY series and it was on 6 June aka 6/6! 


Vid from the concert of Jay and fans singing Ju Hua beautiful! 
To me, this song was the best part of Curse Of The Golden Flower. ;)


My parting photo for this post.....his new favourite bottoms viz shorts and leggings. But get an eyeful of those biceps!