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Jay Chou: 26th Golden Melody Awards 2015 (updated)

"Seeing the ultrasound scan of my baby for the first time was ten times more moving than winning a Golden Melody Award." --- Jay Chou

That quote struck me when I first read it a few weeks ago.
This is from a man who has been on top of the heap of the Mandopop world for the longest time and who is embarking on a new phase in his life. He has made no secret of the fact that he is ready to embrace marriage and fatherhood and his words rang out with sincerity. 

Well, the 26th Golden Melody Awards has come and gone on the night of 27 June 2015.
Jay was nominated in two categories viz Best Producer and Best Album. 
He had mentioned that although he still felt anxious about winning, yet he would treat the whole event as a party and not take whether he won or lost too seriously. 
However, he added that he gave Hannah a kiss and rubbed her tummy for luck (the Chinese words for pregnancy and luck sound the same!) before leaving the house as he also hoped to win so as to give his wife a good account. ;)

In attendance with him on the red carpet walk was his newly-formed group, CUG, comprising Xiao Mai, Xue Gao and Ah Ken. 

Arrival and red carpet walk:

Short press interview pre-awards: 

Life is a game. ;)

I don't know about you guys but I'm totally loving his outfit, especially the bowler hat and his cute upswept fringe! Also very relieved that he did not wear baggy!

Two years ago, he took to the stage and had fun playing the piano and improvising with Matilda Tao.

This year, he had his winged Secret piano at hand for his performance tribute to Jody Chiang, the doyen of the Taiwanese music industry, who recently announced that she was retiring from showbiz.
She was presented with a Lifetime Contribution Award.
His rendition of The Sound Of Rain was simply exquisite but then again, it was a song which he had written for her sixteen years ago when he was a budding composer, together with Vincent Fang who was the lyricist. And this was the first song on which they had collaborated and was accepted by a singer. It thus holds a special significance for him, too.
Love love love how he tickles the ivories so wonderfully!

More pics:

Earlier article about Randy Jackson's involvement and

The burning question must now be:

So did Jay win any award tonight??

I have to tell you the answer is 'no'.
But somehow, I feel that it does not matter that much to Jay at this stage; he has bigger things in his life now. He has won numerous awards over the course of his illustrious career and he is still going strong with ever more endeavours apart from releasing albums. Not forgetting that he will soon be a father. :)

I hope he gets in a good rest before he heads off to whatever is next in his busy schedule.

Good night!

Update on 28 June 2015:

News article:

And he was back to basketball!
(Photo from Mr J official Page.)


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