Sunday, 7 June 2015

Diaoness Updates: The Voice Of China 4; Love and Be Friends; AEON; OPUS 2 Ji Nan

Well, he looks happy enough!
And why shouldn't he?
That was at the press conference for The Voice Of China, Season 4 in Shanghai three days ago.

Being the newest and youngest mentor on this popular talent show has got to be quite another feather in Jay's cap, (like he needs any more...haha!) but seriously, it appears that his reasons for declining to take part in earlier seasons have been sound and it now looks like a good time for him to finally join Harlem Yu, Na Ying and Wang Feng on this stage to show off more Diaoness.
The only fly in the ointment may be the fact that this may clash with another very important event in his life viz when Hannah delivers their first baby, possibly in October.
However, true to his professionalism, he stated that he would not relinquish this responsibility to a deputy and is committed to accompany his students all the way in their quest.
A very special carrot has also been dangled viz a musical which JVR and a China company are producing and in which he will reserve a place for his protege from The Voice Of China.

News reports about the press conference:

Jay's promo clip:

Jay directing Harlem Yu and Na Ying:

Poster about the musical:

Doesn't he look utterly adorable as a cowboy again?? This is from the promotional posters for the show.

Check out more pics from the Page album:

Link to the vid of the press conference:


Jay shows his compassionate side in the latest vid for Love And Be Friends:


News links:


Get ready to be blown away by His Royal Handsomeness in the latest AEON commercial!
Don't say I didn't warn you!!


OPUS 2 Ji Nan on 06062015:

Important trivia from this concert is that this is the 66th concert in the OPUS JAY series and it was on 6 June aka 6/6! 


Vid from the concert of Jay and fans singing Ju Hua beautiful! 
To me, this song was the best part of Curse Of The Golden Flower. ;)


My parting photo for this post.....his new favourite bottoms viz shorts and leggings. But get an eyeful of those biceps! 


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