Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Updates: TVOC4 Macau; Milan; Sony Xperia

Hi all!

Just have to do a mid-week post because there has just been too much stuff to share and I'd rather not let it back up.

This will be a summary of the exciting happenings regarding Voice, Milan and Sony.
I'll probably redirect you to the Page albums and their vid links.

Voice Of China Macau concert for the Teams was broadcast on 27 September

Link to album here and the links to the vids are in the comments:

Jay singing Qing Hua Ci:

Jay with Willjay and Xulin:

Jay with Team Aiyo Not Bad:

Link to full vid....not sure how long this one will last before youtube removes it


Jay flew to Milan to meet up with Hannah who had been attending Milan Fashion Week:


Jay's latest commercial for Sony Xperia.....handsomer and handsomer!


Behind the scenes:

Voice Of China 4 preliminary final round will be broadcast tonight!

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