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Team Jay Chou: The Voice Of China

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Team Jay Chou aka Team Aiyo Not Bad was featured on Episode 8 of The Voice Of China on 6 September and if you guys had followed the Page, you would have seen all the links I posted from various sources.
As mentioned in earlier posts, this is the first time I am watching any season of The Voice Of China so it took some time for me to digest the format and really listen to the students plus understand why there were two rounds to end up with four finalists from the original twelve.

Here is the link to the full show in HD:

Another link:

Link to Page album:

My favourite battle was between Willjay and Xulin, with an amazing mashup of Bruno Mars' Just The Way You Are and Jay Chou's Dao Xiang.
Took my breath away!

(link to be reuploaded when I find a good vid)

Two battles gave Jay a hard time, deciding who to let go:

Between Li An and Jiang Yuan Dong:

Look at how long Jay took!
And his fact, he and the students cried throughout the show!

And this one between Li An An and Guan Shi Min:

Decision time:

Super loved this mashup of two of Jay's songs viz A Larger Cello and Hydrophobic Sailor:

This was a beautiful performance from Gin Lee and Zhang Yang, featuring two different styles of zhong guo feng in Jay's Hong Chen Ke Zhan:

And of course there was the rapping awesomeness of Queen T and Michael, for which I can't seem to find a proper link.
Will update when available.

Link to news article about Jay shedding tears throughout the show:

What came shining through was the camaraderie between the students themselves and their mentor.
Jay reminded them time and again to maintain their friendships, have fun with music and perform to the best of their ability no matter what.
And the students all vowed to support each other to the end to help him be the champion mentor!
Very touching!

For many people watching Jay Chou for the first time on television, I think it has come as a pleasant revelation just how warm and personable he is, not to mention funny; not at all the 'cool and emo' image which he has tended to project in his younger days or in his photos, where he seldom smiles or just looks sulky, according to one of my friends.
He gives constructive criticism, tells little jokes to lighten the mood and has definitely been an important factor in drawing in more viewers, especially his fans. In the process, I'm pretty sure he has also gained new ones. :)
In this episode, he refused to let Li An say his thank you speech and instead insisted he make good on his promise of performing a split if he won....and Li An duly complied. :)
Actually, I think he was afraid he would cry if Li An!

At this point, I want to give a HUGE shoutout to a very important person throughout this episode viz Jay's good friend and music arranger, Jason Huang Yu Xun 黄雨勳.

Link to photos on his FB Page:

Photos from Jason's FB Page:

Jason is well known as one of Jay's oldest friends, fellow musician and a top-notch music arranger and he has once again outdone himself for all the songs the students in Team Aiyo Not Bad performed. Absolutely fantastic arrangements and mashups!
Looking forward to more in the final round!

My earlier blog post about Jason Huang:

Behind the scenes!


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