Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Diaoness Updates: Taipei Wedding

A thousand apologies for not writing for a while but there was just so much information and images from the Taipei leg of the Jay and Hannah Wedding Show that it was all I could do to keep up with the Facebook posts on Diaoness and more importantly, 昆伦 Jayannah, which is now approaching 6000 Likes, a number I never thought it would reach.
I guess it does show the amount of interest generally in our favourite couple and my co-admin, Irene and I have a lot of fun running the Page.

Anyway, this will thus be another summary post with links to articles and vids.
NB: The adorable Pomeranian the couple is marching in with is Hannah's and not Jay's.
However, it is safe to say that Machi is henceforth the Chou family dog. ;)

Vid of the entry:

Jay thanks family, friends and especially his grandma:

With Fei Yuqing:

Jay feeding Hannah fruits and taking a group shot with his friends:

Apple Daily's news clip which shows part of the MV of the photoshoot in Europe....what wouldn't I give to see the proper version??

See what I mean about Machi??

I tell you, no one wears a mermaid gown as beautifully as our Hannah!

More pics on the Facebook Page album:

My thoughts

Yet another stroke of  Diaoness on the part of our Jay!
Just who else could possibly pull something like a full-on circus-themed wedding party for senior members of the entertainment industry and make it all so frolicky and fun??
It was also nice that he (or rather, his mother) really kept the guest list tight to include his closest friends and notable personalities whom he had been closely associated with over the years.
There was, however plenty of speculation over the non-invitation of Jacky Wu, who is widely regarded as the man responsible for Jay's rise to fame.
(With all due respect to Jacky, I think that credit should actually go to Mr Yang Junrong, who was the one who first heard Jay sing and realised what a jewel the company had been unwittingly hiding!)
I have my own theories on this matter and apart from the well-known falling-out between the two Js when Mr Wu sold off Alfa Music (and Jay), there was also the Double-J situation.
There may also be other reasons but I will not discuss any further.  
Suffice to say, JVR Music said that Mama Chou had the final say on the guest list and that was that.

And the icing on the cake after the wedding?

They look so peaceful and blissfully in love, standing cheek to cheek and Jay's arm protectively around Hannah. :)

After the party, Hannah was off to New York for a fashion assignment and from the latest news today, Jay is filming Now You See Me: The Second Act in England and Hannah will be joining him,
They will be spending the Chinese New Year period there....together. :)

Keep watching the Pages for more news!

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