Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Late last year, a little bird had already told me that Jay would be back for another concert in 2014.

Well, the official confirmation finally happened two days ago as the news about his OPUS JAY encore in Singapore at our newly-built National Stadium was unleashed to a collective roar of approval from fans!

Jay will perform on 8 November 2014 and ticket details will be announced later.
He promises even more amazing stage sets and effects, not to mention songs from his 13th album, scheduled for release in May 2014!

Here are some news links:

I wonder if he'll have a runway too??
Omg....I can't wait to see those abs again!!!


Saturday, 22 February 2014

DIAOness On Ice at Sochi Winter Olympics!

Remember Brooklee Han, the 18-year-old Australian figure skater who used Jay's music from Secret for her long programme in 2013?

No matter if you don't.
Here's the link to my blog post from 13 November 2013:

I was also informed from reliable sources that her mother had emailed JVR about Brooklee using Jay's music and to their credit, JVR replied that Jay had seen the video and was very happy about it. He also generously allowed them to use his music. :)
I'm almost 100% certain that he said: "Aiyo, bu cuo!"

Anyway, the upshot is that Brooklee did qualify for the Sochi Winter Olympics and she has just finished her two events.

The first was the short programme and she then qualified further for the free skate, which is where she would perform to Jay's music.

Brooklee's free skate was on 20 February and although she had a fall, she was able to pick herself up well and continue without any other mishaps.

I was not able to watch but I chanced upon some vids from Facebook which have been uploaded onto youtube (many thanks to MK Chia):

Full vid:

So beautiful, right??

Congrats and well-done, Brooklee!

Jay Chou Diaoness wishes you all the best for your future events and hopes you will continue to also be inspired by our creative and hardworking Mr Chou!

Here are some lovely images from the Net to end off this post:

Photo credit: YURI KADOBNOV/AFP/Getty Images)

Photo credit: Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Photo credit: China Times

Post-event interview with Brooklee:

Random Diaoness update:

Jay is on an overseas trip with his Mum and Hannah.
More news when available. :)

Sunday, 16 February 2014

DIAOness Updates: New album, Valentine's Day, Meters/bonwe, The Brain and concert!

Hi all!

I'm a little under the weather with a bad throat and cough but have still manged to keep up with the Jay news on the Jay Chou Diaoness Page.

Here are some updates.


News about his new album!


Happy Valentine's Day wish from Jay and _____

Watch the vid below to fill in the blank. :)


More Metersbonwe Handsomeness:

Check out more photos on the JCD album:


Jay recorded another episode of The Brain on 16 February, wearing a pink/purple jacket and looking really cute!
He appeared to have put on some weight, to the delight of many fans. :)

For more pics from The Brain, check out the JCD album:


Hankering for more OPUS JAY?

Here's a nice clear vid compilation with glimpses of his abs. @@

And the latest news is that he will return for encore concerts in Singapore and Malaysia, dates to be confirmed!

Check out the link below:


I shall end off with a photo which I had been searching high and low for and was finally found by my dear friend, Irene. 

Isn't he just too adorable for words, hugging that cute teddy bear?
The best thing is that when I posted that photo on my Timeline, the fan who had given him the bear Commented! 
Lucky girl! 

Till my next post, cheerio! 

Friday, 7 February 2014

Chou Style: Weird, Wacky yet Wonderful

I promised you guys a post about his clothes.
And if Jay is reading this, I hope he takes it in the right spirit of fun and irreverent respect with which it has been written.

Let me start by stating the obvious.

Jay Chou is one handsome dude.
Jay Chou loves to dress up.
And there's a distinct possibility that I've swooned over his looks once too often on this blog and on my Page.
But I'm sure any self-respecting Jay fan would do the same.

This is an example of an outfit which made me gasp....with pleasure.
Just the right degree of flowery; smart fitting pants and trust Jay to show off his 'cleavage'....omg!


Lest you think I'm a crazy blinded fangirl in whose eyes His Royal DIAOness can do no wrong, let me state another obvious fact:

Jay Chou has shown up at events, fashion shoots and other places in the weirdest and wackiest clothes ever, stuff which makes me slap my forehead, groan and ask in despair:


I've noticed he has a penchant for fur, feathers, frills, flowers and funny pants.
Sometimes they work.
Many times they don't and the worst part is, he throws them all together in a combination which makes me just die, because everything just clashes and it's such a darn waste of his good looks!
And some of the wackiest combos can be seen on him in Mr J Channel....maybe that's one reason the show could not last more than one season. ;)



My dear Jay, furry is fun on real animals but not at concerts and not in such massive doses.

I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this green whatchamacallit:


FEATHERS, FRILLS AND FUNNY PANTS which make me faint....from sheer horror.

Fur and funny NOT the way to look low-profile, even if you're in London, Jay.


What's with all those appendages on his jackets???


Hmm.....from top left clockwise:
What are those plasticky tinsels on his jacket again?
Is that a skirt he's wearing?
This combination is plain weird.
I cannot stand him in those baggy harem pants.

Strange. Just. Strange.




And those, my dear readers, are but a mere sampling of Jay's fashion faux pas.

Many of these pics came from the thread on Jay Chou Studio's forum where there was a lot of lively discussion about this topic.
The link is here....and be warned:
You will probably die laughing but it's all in good fun!

Jay's major saving grace, however, is his utter coolness and nonchalance in those outfits, carrying them off with wonderful aplomb and attitude.
It helps, of course, that his fans are first and foremost, nuts about his musical genius above all else.
Which makes it seriously easier to tolerate such wardrobe weirdness.

At the end of the day, our dear man will wear what he wants to wear just because he's Jay Chou and the epitome of coolness and DIAOness. nail polish???? ;)

One thing's for certain:

His clothes are never boring!


Saturday, 1 February 2014

DIAOness Updates and Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to all Jay fans!
Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Isn't that such a cute cartoon caricature of our Jay from Gang Qin Jie Zhou??

Yes, our Jay was born in the Year of the Horse.
There may be some confusion about this as his birthday falls in January and is very near to the cusp of the years,
But the Lunar New Year cycles do not follow that of the Western calendar exactly.
As such, he is not a Ram but a Horse.

Here are a couple of lovely images related to this New Year:

He was supposed to have performed at the Spring Festival Gala but as of now, I still have not gotten any news or updates on that.

I also read that he had given out generous angpows to his JVR staff at their dinner and also 'hosted' a quiz segment in the style of The Brain, with questions related to the Horse and his music.
When I get a translated article about that, I shall post.


Now for some other updates prior to the New Year.

Mr J Life Episode 9 was aired on youtube with Jay performing magic!
It has been some time since we saw him do that so this clip is really enjoyable.


I LOVE collecting books about my favourite celebs and of course, I already have Jay's official books.

However, about a week ago, a friend who was springcleaning decided to let go of her Jay book collection and she Tagged me in the post on Facebook.
It did not take me long to decide and now, I am the proud and happy owner of those twelve beautiful tomes below.
I shall savour them slowly....partly because they are lovely but also because they are all in Chinese, which will be somewhat more challenging.
I'll probably just drool over the pics. ;)


Kobe Bryant gave Jay a pair of special Nike shoes!

Not sure if these were the ones:

That pic came with many others which have been uploaded into the album on JCD's Facebook Page:


Those of you who have been keeping up with me will know that it was all due to a certain movie that I noticed Jay and became smitten.

Yup, three years ago on 31 January 2011, I watched The Green Hornet, having absolutely zero clue about who Jay Chou was.
Incredible but true!
Times have indeed changed, wouldn't you say? ;)


To end off, I shall post a link to a marvellous acapella rendition of Jay Chou songs from Calculasian on youtube.


And in the spirit of ChineseNew Year, I started an album featuring Jay's zhong guo feng style!

Check it out!

Super love him in the Huo Yuan Jia MV!

I'm off to enjoy more Chinese New Year happenings today!

But being a fangirl, it is inevitable that the posts on the Facebook Page will continue so do check in there often.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!