Friday, 7 February 2014

Chou Style: Weird, Wacky yet Wonderful

I promised you guys a post about his clothes.
And if Jay is reading this, I hope he takes it in the right spirit of fun and irreverent respect with which it has been written.

Let me start by stating the obvious.

Jay Chou is one handsome dude.
Jay Chou loves to dress up.
And there's a distinct possibility that I've swooned over his looks once too often on this blog and on my Page.
But I'm sure any self-respecting Jay fan would do the same.

This is an example of an outfit which made me gasp....with pleasure.
Just the right degree of flowery; smart fitting pants and trust Jay to show off his 'cleavage'....omg!


Lest you think I'm a crazy blinded fangirl in whose eyes His Royal DIAOness can do no wrong, let me state another obvious fact:

Jay Chou has shown up at events, fashion shoots and other places in the weirdest and wackiest clothes ever, stuff which makes me slap my forehead, groan and ask in despair:


I've noticed he has a penchant for fur, feathers, frills, flowers and funny pants.
Sometimes they work.
Many times they don't and the worst part is, he throws them all together in a combination which makes me just die, because everything just clashes and it's such a darn waste of his good looks!
And some of the wackiest combos can be seen on him in Mr J Channel....maybe that's one reason the show could not last more than one season. ;)



My dear Jay, furry is fun on real animals but not at concerts and not in such massive doses.

I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this green whatchamacallit:


FEATHERS, FRILLS AND FUNNY PANTS which make me faint....from sheer horror.

Fur and funny NOT the way to look low-profile, even if you're in London, Jay.


What's with all those appendages on his jackets???


Hmm.....from top left clockwise:
What are those plasticky tinsels on his jacket again?
Is that a skirt he's wearing?
This combination is plain weird.
I cannot stand him in those baggy harem pants.

Strange. Just. Strange.




And those, my dear readers, are but a mere sampling of Jay's fashion faux pas.

Many of these pics came from the thread on Jay Chou Studio's forum where there was a lot of lively discussion about this topic.
The link is here....and be warned:
You will probably die laughing but it's all in good fun!

Jay's major saving grace, however, is his utter coolness and nonchalance in those outfits, carrying them off with wonderful aplomb and attitude.
It helps, of course, that his fans are first and foremost, nuts about his musical genius above all else.
Which makes it seriously easier to tolerate such wardrobe weirdness.

At the end of the day, our dear man will wear what he wants to wear just because he's Jay Chou and the epitome of coolness and DIAOness. nail polish???? ;)

One thing's for certain:

His clothes are never boring!


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  1. ahaha, thank you for this compilation. i would side-eye the hell out of a normal person for dressing like one giant fashion faux pas but i have a thing for jay's unabashed trashiness actually. work the trashy!! taiwanese and kpop stars dress really weirdly in general and i love it.

    except the last pic, oh my god my eyes.