Saturday, 22 February 2014

DIAOness On Ice at Sochi Winter Olympics!

Remember Brooklee Han, the 18-year-old Australian figure skater who used Jay's music from Secret for her long programme in 2013?

No matter if you don't.
Here's the link to my blog post from 13 November 2013:

I was also informed from reliable sources that her mother had emailed JVR about Brooklee using Jay's music and to their credit, JVR replied that Jay had seen the video and was very happy about it. He also generously allowed them to use his music. :)
I'm almost 100% certain that he said: "Aiyo, bu cuo!"

Anyway, the upshot is that Brooklee did qualify for the Sochi Winter Olympics and she has just finished her two events.

The first was the short programme and she then qualified further for the free skate, which is where she would perform to Jay's music.

Brooklee's free skate was on 20 February and although she had a fall, she was able to pick herself up well and continue without any other mishaps.

I was not able to watch but I chanced upon some vids from Facebook which have been uploaded onto youtube (many thanks to MK Chia):

Full vid:

So beautiful, right??

Congrats and well-done, Brooklee!

Jay Chou Diaoness wishes you all the best for your future events and hopes you will continue to also be inspired by our creative and hardworking Mr Chou!

Here are some lovely images from the Net to end off this post:

Photo credit: YURI KADOBNOV/AFP/Getty Images)

Photo credit: Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Photo credit: China Times

Post-event interview with Brooklee:

Random Diaoness update:

Jay is on an overseas trip with his Mum and Hannah.
More news when available. :)

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