Friday, 5 December 2014

AIYO BU CUO O ALBUM first look and NEW SONG!

The release of the first single from Jay's new album was scheduled for this morning, with fans tuning in anxiously to radio and whatever other social media to get their first listen. 

The album is entitled 'Aiyo Bu Cuo' (哎哟,不错哦).
It means Aiyo, Not Bad, and fans know it is Jay's favourite expression of approval. :)

Link from Jay Chou Studio:

Jay appears to be channelling Charlie Chaplin in the song, which has lyrics by Vincent Fang about making people laugh and the importance of humour in life. 
When the full translation is out, I shall update. 

But first up, let's take a look at some awesome pics of Jay in large shoes. 

This one is great, complete with bowler hat and little mustache! 

The following two pics show him in gunny sackcloth and clunky shoes. 
This appears to be inspired by designer, Angel Chen's Les Noces collection, which featured the theme of recycling.

Check out her website: 

Behind the scenes of album photography (very cool!):

For more pics, do go to the Facebook Page, as usual.

Here's the link for the song, Oversized Shoes, 鞋子特大号!


With voiceover by Jay introducing the song:

CD version (no voiceover):

The response from fans has generally been very favourable, with many rejoicing that he appears to be going back to his hiphop/rapper roots. 
I find the song very catchy and indeed, it has been echoing in my mind ever since I heard it. 
True, it has parts which sound like some of his earlier hits but that's also where the familiar favourite' aspects of this song come in for the fans. 
As for why he is channelling Chaplin, I can only hazard a guess or two.

Jay has always been interested in antiques and art forms which hail from time immemorial, including music and films. Charlie Chaplin was an icon in the silent movie era, especially with his portrayal of The Tramp, which paved the way for the movies we know today and Jay, no doubt appreciates the role which Chaplin played in this development. 

Also, do recall that Jay loves mimes as seen in his use of one in the MV for Romantic Mobile Phone and in his recent OPUS concerts. Miming does not require words, much like how one does not need to say much during a performance of magic tricks, another passion of Jay's. In a silent movie, like those in which Charlie Chaplin shone, there are no spoken words and the facial and body expressions play the biggest part, not unlike miming. Any wonder that Jay would not notice these similarities? 

As such, what better way for Jay to pay tribute to this man than to write a song about him but with a modern twist?

Anyway, that's just my take. 
Maybe you guys have other theories?

In just one other piece of news, Jay is the most streamed artiste on Spotify in Singapore! 

Now how DIAO is that??


  1. Have you pre order the album ? If so, where. I ask the CD rama near my house clueless as usual.

  2. FELIZ NAVIDAD para ti y tu familia y muchas gracias por seguir en este hermoso blog ,esperando q el proximo año sigas informandonos de nuestro querido Jay.GRACIAS tu amiga de CHILE ,Pamela.

    1. Hi Pamela.
      Merry Christmas to you and your family too!
      Glad you like Jay Chou Diaoness!
      Keep following the Facebook Page for more updates!

  3. i really love this blog and like everything the blogger wrote about jay! Keep it up :D thanks for letting us know more news about Jay from this blog too :)

    1. Thank you so much for your nice comments! Hope you are also following the Facebook Page, as that is more current.
      Love Jay forever!

  4. can i know where i can find that album in asia region? i just looking for the new jay chou album.

    1. You can try messaging Jay Chou Fans Association Overseas on Facebook. Or Jay Chou Malaysia and Singapore, also on Facebook.

    2. You can also order online from YesAsia:

      Copy and paste this link in your browser.