Saturday, 4 January 2014

Jay Chou on The Brain 最强大脑

Remember my post about Jay appearing on a gameshow known as The Brain a month ago?
He recorded it in mid-December and it was finally broadcast on 3 January (last night), with fans able to watch it online from Jiangsu.

Every fan I knew on Facebook was happily anticipating it and if you had followed me on the Jay Chou Diaoness Facebook Page, you would have gotten my frequent posts and updates as showtime approached. 

I was able to tune in online at 10pm and was gleefully following the proceedings when a new update on my News Feed (yes, I am a compulsive News Feed else would I keep on top of all that Jay does??) showed a youtube link to what appeared to be the FULL and OFFICIAL version of the show!

Pleasantly surprised, I scrolled through the vid and once I had ascertained that it was indeed the complete show, I decided to relax and went to do some other stuff, but only after I had posted the link on my Page and other places. 

It was quite unexpected but I suppose the Jiangsu TV management decided it was way better to upload their own good quality version for the fans than to let some other youtubers put their own up. 
And we fans definitely appreciated this and as of this morning, many Pages and Groups were still Sharing the vid.

Here is the link to the vid:

A translated article from Jay Chou Studio about the show:

Thoughts on The Brain

Prior to the show, I really had no idea what it was exactly about; just that Jay would be in it as an 'Assistant Professor' or something.

Anyway, when his name was announced and he went on stage together with the Mr Lee Yanhong, CEO of Baidu, the screams and cheers which ensued left no doubt who was the star attraction. The girls were practically hysterical! 
Frankly, I would be too.
Us fans watching online were also going bonkers. ;)

Simply put, all the contestants each had their own 'brain powers' for various tasks and they were judged on their abilities and the degree of difficulties of the tasks, which, in a nutshell, included discerning patterns, sounds, laser patterns and identifying faces. 

Jay and Mr Lee were sort of the honorary judges but they did not play a part in giving the contestants points. 
They helped in setting the tasks for the contestants, though and Jay showed off a little of his aural prowess by identifying piano notes, something which was to be expected of him.
He was quite personable and witty with his comments and replies, never forgetting to use his Ting Ma Ma De Hua to good effect (twice!) and as the contestants were also his fans, he ended up hugging three of them at the end of their rounds, to their utter delight and that of the audience.
I'm sure that made up for the fact that they were NOT the winner. 
I many fans get to hug Jay Chou????'s quite amusing but totally understandable why Jay is so loveable and huggable. :))

Here is the link to more photos on Jay Chou Diaoness Page:

And some of Jay's best and funniest expressions!
That puffer-fish-face really makes me laugh! 

Now to get back to planning what to do for Jay's birthday....

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