Monday, 20 January 2014

DIAOness Updates: Gratitude, Airport, MVs, Deerway

So it has been two days since His Royal DIAOness' 35th birthday and it turns out he was overseas with his mother and friends!
But more on that later.

There was a huge Facebook celebration for Jay as many of the fans changed their Profile pic to this cute image:

Facebook was literally flooded with that and it became difficult to tell who was who without looking at the!
Fans also left messages on Jay's various Facebook Pages, like the official JVR Page, Mr J restaurant's and J Concept.

At the end of the day, we were delighted to see a photo of Jay and his Mum on J Concept's Page, with a message from him thanking his mother and all his fans:

He also left a message on Mr J Restaurant's Page, thanking fans and promising to 'keep his hands on the piano' ie to keep on making music. :)

Jay also thanked the staff at Real Love Fantasy KTV and promised that the new album would be out soon:

Here is the link to the album of pics relating to his birthday:


As I mentioned earlier, Jay had gone overseas for his birthday and he came back on Sunday, inadvertently walking right into the crowd of media folks waiting for...Wang Leehom!
It turned out, however that Leehom's flight had been delayed but they got to see Jay!
He did not say much, though, only exhorting the crowd to be careful:

He was garbed in his usual hoodie/sweat pants combo, complete with face mask.
It was a rather garish clash of patterns but as usual our Jay was just cool and still looked oh-so-handsome!
Clearly, he favours comfort over style when flying. :)

Leopard print hoodie
Alphabet sweat pants
Colourful pink shoes
Floral mask

Gawd......I love how nonchalant he is about his attire

His eyes were smiling too and one can't help but wonder if there might be some good news on the way..... :)


There was also a pic on Facebook of what appeared to be the filming of a new MV!
Can you spot Jay??


Jay loves to help his friends and his recent songs for Matilda Tao and his involvement in the MV for En Ma is a perfect example:

Link to vid:

And the BTS, where Matilda thanks Jay:


I tell you, there's always something happening with Jay and before I could recover from all the above, Facebook was flooded with his newest pics from the Deerway 2014 collection....omg....he is SOOOOO HANDSOME!!!!!

Here are just a few:

For more handsomeness, do go to this link:

Gosh...I'm tired just recapping all these happenings from only two days!
Honestly, keeping up with Jay is breathtaking at times!
Hope you guys enjoyed all that!

Till my next post, cheerio!

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