Tuesday, 2 April 2013

DIAOness Updates: The Rooftop; Concert stuff; Man Power and more

Gosh...has it been more than two weeks since I posted here?
Trust me, I was thinking of doing some non-updates posts like delving into the details of his face, his dimples, his fashion shoots, yadayadayada....

But there are now many things to report about His Royal DIAOness and I shall go backwards, chronologically.
Warning: prepare to faint along with me. ;)

For starters, here's the latest poster for The Rooftop!
The first thing which caught my eagle eye was the gramophone....NOT!
Haha...it was Jay's beautifully-toned and muscled ARMS!!!
Omg...look at the definition! *faints*

Will Liu is obviously very happy about the poster:

And here'sa lovely close-up shot of...who else??

Next up, another set of pics to blow you away....viz Jay's preparations for his concert!

Link to JCS article about this:


Let me say, for the record, that I absolutely LURVE his tight, black pants with the strappy thingies which show off his shapely lower limbs to perfection!
And doesn't he look SOOOOO DIAO, doing that harness stuff again?
Just hope he didn't get too many abrasions like what happened when he did stunts for The Era concert. :P

This one takes the cake...omg...*faints*

Here are two news clip about the preps:

*slaps myself awake*

Ok, no worries...I'm still alive!

To continue....

JVR celebrated their 6th birthday on 1 April!!


"Today is JVR's 6th birthday. We're all very happy to be entering our 7th year. Jay says: Company earns big bucks, staff salaries keep on increasing! Let's all blow out the candles!"

Just look at Yang Junrong's beaming face!
I'm sure he has never stopped thanking God or his lucky stars that he asked Jay to sing him a song that fateful day waaay back then when they were both in Alfa Music!
The Jay/Vincent partnership is no less amazing....here's to more good stuff from these three fellas!

What else was Jay up to?

Oh yes...he did a promotion for scooters at the Man Power event!

Link to article on Jay Chou Studio:


Dimple alert!

Jay and the JVR artistes also supported their chosen charity, the 336 Angel's Day event for special-needs kids:

Love his hair here!

To end off, I think Jay is scheduled to perform at another multi-artiste concert tomorrow night, where he will sing Red Dust Inn and Ju Hua Tai!

Will post here when I do the next DIAOness Updates!

As usual, I shall share more awesome pics of His Royal DIAOness before I take my leave here:

Goodnight and sweet dreams for now....I want to think up another chapter for my Jay fan fic...lol!


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    1. Heh...yup.

      You can get to it when you view my complete profile.
      It's entitled Serendipity and I've written ten chapters so far.
      But I've not posted a new one for a long time....too many other things to think about.
      Nonetheless, I will continue it....just not sure when. ;)