Saturday, 20 April 2013

DIAOness Updates: Eric Tsang, Antiques and Miscellaneous

Lol...EVERYONE just HAS to cop a feel of Mr Chou's hidden 8-pack, what more Eric Tsang, who celebrated his 60th birthday on 12 April 2013, with a huge bash organised by HK-TVB. The guest list was a veritable who's-who from the entertainment industry, mostly from Hongkong, but of course, Jay played a prominent part, due mainly to his previous collaborations with the birthday boy on quite a few occasions.

Eric has worked with Jay in Kungfu Dunk and Tresaure Hunter and when he went on stage with Jay and a few of his other friends, was quite effusive in his praise of Jay's filial piety and care for his fellow workers after the movie shoots.
Jay was also asked what he liked best about Eric and he replied that it was Eric's singing because when he was a guest at his concert, the audience began clapping even before he had started singing! :)
Jay then accompanied Eric on the piano for Ju Hua Tai, with a typically-Jay-esque lyric improvisation which had Eric guffawing!
For those who don't unerstand it, Jay changed the last bit to wish Eric a Happy Birthday. :))
By the way, Jay's piano accompaniment was just beautiful...I've missed hearing him play like that recently. :)

Jay had earlier on the red carpet mentioned that there would be some changes to the lyrics, in keeping with the birthday mood:

Jay then played along on the piano for the HK artistes as they sang a popular Cantopop song, Friends, which has very meaningful lyrics and a lovely melody.

Some nice screen captures and pics from the event, where I must say, Jay looked absolutely fabulous in that all-black ensemble and stylish shoes. No funny pants, no feathers, frills nor fur....thank goodness! And gosh...I did love the hair!

After Eric's party, Jay was next seen at an Antiques Fair in Taipei, where he joked that Vincent was his most precious 'antique' and would probably fetch the highest price if put up for!
Jay also said he loved antique cars for their beauty but they could not go fast so he switched to sports cars. ;)

Next up, look who I spotted on the back of a bus?? I had seen it last week but was alone then and could not get a good shot, whilst concentrating on the car. So this time, since my dear son was with me, he was tasked to take a good photo and dutifully obliged!

And from the latest edition of Milk magazine, HK edition, comes some breathtaking pics:

Finally, the latest news for the release of The Rooftop puts the date as some time in July...I know, I was supposed to be March, then became June and now July.
I guess His Royal DIAOness is just very busy with loads to manage now, what with concert preparations and other events to grace. Knowing what a perfectionist he is, I can well imagine him getting all involved with the post-production as well and wanting everything up to his exacting standards. ;)

Speaking of concerts, I do have one concern for Jay and that is the avian flu thingy which has been going on in Shanghai and Beijing, amongst other Chinese cities, as his Shanghai stop is coming up in less than a month. I really hope and pray he and his crew will take the best precautions possible and stay well.

I shall end with a nice photoshopped pic which shows how Jay has managed to stay looking the same all these years...well, more or less, anyway. ;)

What's the next thing I'm looking forward to?

The MV for Sign Language, of course!!
Been waiting forever for it and the MV model's posting of this photo does not help one bit. *pout*

Cheers for now!

What shall I post about next?
Jay's face?
Jay's accessories?
Jay's other business ventures?
Jay's girlfriends....nah, I'm not going there. ;)


  1. make a post about details, like his dimples and stuff like this. and also about accessories haha i'm a huge fan and i love your blog, i think it's great! xoxo

    1. Hi Helena!

      Glad to hear from a fellow Jay fan!

      I've already thought of the dimples too...working on it! :)