Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I'm Going To Jay Chou Land!

See that Taipei City Guide up there?
That was bought in 2007 when I accompanied my son there for a Robotics competition.
I was not a fan of His Royal DIAOness then but I've taken out this book now to peruse and I noticed that his name crops up at least three times in various sections!
Hence, I'm not far wrong to refer to Taipei as 'Jay Chou Land'. ;)

Anyway, remember my earlier post about visiting Jay's restaurants when I ever get to Taipei?

Well, this fangirl is really going to the home city of His Royal DIAOness come December!!!!

And just how did that come about??
Haha...nope, I was not the one who suggested it, as I actually am planning to go with the fanclub next year hopefully for Jay's solo concert when he embarks on his World Tour as he had mentioned.

And in fact, F and I had been vacillating between Hongkong and Bangkok for our annual year-end holiday with the family.
But the boys were not keen on the latter and we had all been to the former just a few years ago.
Then F said: "How about Taiwan?"
Which was of course a very pleasant surprise and also because the boys were not opposed to the idea either. :)

It was not much of a problem to make out a list of Jay-related places I(we) simply HAD to visit...and my dear hubby was soon inundated with my requests along with the requisite addressses to put on the map for us to organise our schedule.
Hmm....I hope he's not regretting his decision as this is likely to become a Jay Chou odyssey for at least half the trip...LOL!

Anyway, here's my wish list in order of importance, starting with the MUST-VISIT list:

1) Mr J French-Italian Restaurant at Taipei Medical University, which houses Jay's memorabilia from Secret, my most-loved movie ever! And I'd love to play on the Secret piano...I better practise before going!

2) Deja Vu Restaurant to see his Batmobile, Pandamen memorabilia and hopefully enjoy a magic show!

3) Fujiwara (Peng Yuan) Tofu Shop, to see (and take a photo with!) the Toyota AE86 from Jay's first movie, Initial D. :)

4) PHANTACi, Jay's fashion venture with his friend Ric Chiang, which as it happens, is quite near the hotel we are likely to stay in!

5) Danshui, the beautiful seaside district up north from Taipei City, where Jay filmed Secret and hopefully also to see Tam Kang Senior High School, which was a character in itself in the movie.
Apart from Jay, this school also has several other notable alumni, one of which is a former Taiwanese President and also Taiwan's first female doctor!


This is the Would-Be-Nice-To-See-But-Is-Not-Essential list:

1) JVR Music's (Jay's company) office on Chang Chun Road. I know, I know....this should be up on the first list but it's a little out of the way, and besides, I don't think they welcome tourists there just like that, right??
Of course, I'd love to say Hello to Yang Jun Rong, Vincent Fang and all the gang but...we'll see. If I can wangle it, I most certainly will...if at least, to walk past the building where it's housed in. ;)

2) Secret Music School, which is Jay's venture with Yuhao, if only to hopefully see the pink Secret piano (which will definitely make my menfolf puke..lol!)

3) Will Liu's 360 degrees Gym...haha, to try and catch a glimpse of His Royal DIAOness working out those abs and pecs, perchance?? ;)

Any other Jay-related suggestions which I might have missed out?

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Chou Style: HAIR! (updated on 30 Nov 2012)

Has any other star had as many different hairstyles as His Royal DIAOness??

Behold his album covers over the years...

Curly hair from the first album circa 2000:

Hair became straight subsequently and with the bangs which kind of defined the Jay Chou look; shaggy, crimped, coloured, etc...but all terribly DIAO, due in no small part to his facial features (which I'll cover in another post) and his insouciant attitude no matter what the hair or attire looks like. :)

And this one with plastered-down fringe...I like his outfit!

Of course, he also liked the upswept-fringe look, which looks cute when done properly...which was not always... ;)

And some hairdos that are plain weird:

Good grief!!! Please fire the hairstylist!!!

And here are some of his movie looks.
He looked suitably goofy in Kungfu Dunk; I love the Kato and Viral Factor hair but not the Golden Flower and Treasure Hunter ones

Fang Shi Jie from Kingfu Dunk:

Kato from The Green Hornet:

Wan Fei from The Viral Factor:

Prince Jai from Curse Of The Golden Flower:

God of Wushu in True Legend:

Qiao Fei in Treasure Hunter:

Hmm...I think I just don't like him in long hair or period styles,

Let me finish off with a collage or two:

Hope you guys enjoyed that gallery!

Which of his hairstyles did YOU like? ;)

Update on 30 November 2012:

This one takes the cake:

Is he HAWT or what???



And here's my post just about THE HAIR:


Gosh...I love this guy!!!