Saturday, 27 October 2012

Chou Style: HAIR! (updated on 30 Nov 2012)

Has any other star had as many different hairstyles as His Royal DIAOness??

Behold his album covers over the years...

Curly hair from the first album circa 2000:

Hair became straight subsequently and with the bangs which kind of defined the Jay Chou look; shaggy, crimped, coloured, etc...but all terribly DIAO, due in no small part to his facial features (which I'll cover in another post) and his insouciant attitude no matter what the hair or attire looks like. :)

And this one with plastered-down fringe...I like his outfit!

Of course, he also liked the upswept-fringe look, which looks cute when done properly...which was not always... ;)

And some hairdos that are plain weird:

Good grief!!! Please fire the hairstylist!!!

And here are some of his movie looks.
He looked suitably goofy in Kungfu Dunk; I love the Kato and Viral Factor hair but not the Golden Flower and Treasure Hunter ones

Fang Shi Jie from Kingfu Dunk:

Kato from The Green Hornet:

Wan Fei from The Viral Factor:

Prince Jai from Curse Of The Golden Flower:

God of Wushu in True Legend:

Qiao Fei in Treasure Hunter:

Hmm...I think I just don't like him in long hair or period styles,

Let me finish off with a collage or two:

Hope you guys enjoyed that gallery!

Which of his hairstyles did YOU like? ;)

Update on 30 November 2012:

This one takes the cake:

Is he HAWT or what???



And here's my post just about THE HAIR:

Gosh...I love this guy!!!