Thursday, 18 October 2012

Jay vs the pappz

LOL...that's an image of Jay which is present at every event that he graces and look at the sheer number of microphones shoved near him as the reporters hang on to his every word!
This pic was taken at the recent Sprite 'Fearless Boundaries' basketball event which was held on 14 October 2012.

Here's a link to a related news article from Jay Chou Studio:

It was also during this post-event interview that he clarified yet another tabloid rumour about his recent trip to London and regrettably, yet another 'clash' with the paparazzi (henceforth referred to as 'pappz') a few days ago:

Which brings me to the topic at hand for tonight viz His Royal DIAOness' continuing war against the 'dogs' (as he refers to the pappz), which he has waged for at least as long as he has been in showbiz, whether it was writing songs mocking them, taking *their* pics, giving them dog food (yes, he did!) or cursing them verbally.
But thankfully, things have never come to blows, although I'm pretty sure Jay could beat the pappz into a pulp if given half a chance.

The two songs which targeted the pappz were:

Besieged From All Sides (四面楚歌):

And Exclamation Mark (惊叹号), where he probably incurred the wrath of the Apple Daily boss!

Okay...hands up, those of you who have NEVER picked up a tabloid/gossip magazine which was flaunting big, colourful photos and sensational (and usually untrue/unsubstantiated!) headlines about your favourite celeb? Anyone??
Nobody, right?
I admit that I, too have been guilty of doing so, but have stopped since I realised the extent to which these so-called 'reporters' go in order to stalk and taunt celebs, in the name of showing the public their (the celebs') true selves and more.
The papparazi 'culture' has been prevalent in the West for eons....recall the tragic death of Princess Diana whilst she was chased by the pappz in Paris many many years ago?
In the East, from what I gather, Hongkong has always had pappz and unfortunately, that culture crept into Taiwan when Apple Daily started a sister publication there circa 2003, a couple of years after Jay had become a star...and whose face on the cover would probably make the publication fly off the shelves!
He has had more than a few run-ins with the pappz over the years and frankly, I think he has shown considerable restraint already but even role models have their limits and in the recent incident, Jay was really incensed as he felt the pappz had totally gone beyond the boundaries of decency, especially in front of his mother.
This resulted in Yang Junrong issuing a statement and vid on JVR's youtube channel to clarify matters:

Sadly, like it or not, pappz culture is not going to die out anytime soon, not as long as there's a significant proportion of the public who also revel in such rubbishy reporting.

It also goes without saying that this will not be the last time we hear about a Jay-vs-the-pappz clash, given Mr Chou's combative nature, coupled with a strong belief in wanting to maintain his privacy and protect his family and loved ones.


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