Thursday, 20 September 2012

Jay at F1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix: Airport meet!

NB: All photos courtesy of my Jay fan friends whom I met at the airport know who you are!

I wonder, dear readers, if any of you have ever gone to the extent of meeting your favourite stars at the airport? If you have, you would empathise with the sentiments which I shall shortly express. If you have not, then let this be an!

As has been plenty obvious from my previous posts, THE highlight of my concert calendar this year will be His Royal DIAOness' extremely anticipated concert at the F1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix on 21 September 2012. For the uninitiated, that's TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!!
Omg...I've been waiting for this concert from the very moment my dear hubby, F texted me one fateful day in March, saying, "Jay Chou performing at F1." (minus exclamation mark...he's deadpan that way) which of course had the intended effect of me booking tickets post haste and getting the coveted Fanzone wristbands.

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Anyway, back to the story at hand:

Meeting Jay at the airport would be my second airport greeting, the first being a fantastic experience in 2008 when the Osmonds came to town for their 50th anniversary concert.

The official Jay fanclub (JayMS) had organised a group of us for this exciting occasion and I duly packed the club paraphernalia (teeshirt/towel) along with my precious 1000-piece Jay jigsaw to bring along, in the faint hope that I might actually get an autograph.

Of course I had taken the day off for exactly such an event and come 2pm, I was happily chatting with the members of the fanclub, many of whom I was meeting for the first time. We enjoyed showing each other our merchandise which we hoped to get signed but Jacky (the fanclub president) did warn us that it might not be possible.

We gathered outside Belt 33, where Jay was supposed to exit from Customs and waited patiently. There were Singapore GP officials there too and I think our group were quite a sight with our official pink towels and black teeshirts!

I was bound and determined that Jay should catch sight of my masterpiece, even if he could not autograph it. As such, I got it out of the frame and held on to it carefully, planning to hold it up at an opportune time and place when he would walk out and to his transport.

There were barriers lining the path to the arrival hall doors so we could only stand behind them and hope for the best. I spotted Jay first in the distance and quickly alerted the rest. As he approached us from Customs, we held up the striking pink towels emblazoned with our emblem and slogan, and some of us called out his name in Chinese (Jie Lun!).

Yang Junrong was in front of him, smiling in a knowing manner.
Jay was wearing a black-and-white hoodie, white Mickey Mouse teeshirt ("awww!"), loose pants and had his sunglasses on...but most importantly (and I'm SO glad about this!), NO MASK obscuring his handsome face. ;)

He looked sooo DIAO, even in such a casual get-up and as he sauntered out in his characteristic gait, he saw our group, waved and smiled a little. Practically everyone's camera or phone was up except mine as I was concentrating on holding up my huge jigsaw. I figured someone would have a good shot for me to share later anyway....and there was!

I stationed myself at a point nearer the exit door where he would definitely see me and I swear...he did see the prominent picture of his younger self on my gigantic jigsaw! 'cos I was watching his face closely and I'm almost 100 per cent certain that he gave me a small nod and smile in acknowledgement. :)
Whatever the case may be, that little crinkling up of his mouth convinced me enough; to Cloud Nine I went and am still somewhat on now. *sigh*

He was bundled into the waiting car quickly and with the darkened windows, it was not easy to see him anymore but he did give us a final wave as he was driven off. :D

No autographs but still, we were quite happy with having seen him arrive properly! 

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