Sunday, 30 September 2012

Group photo with Jay!

Jay's F1 concert was simply beyond expectations for me, what with being in the Fanzone and getting to see him so up close!
Like I said in my review, I only wish it could have gone on for longer.

Nonetheless, I was still totally hyped-up after that and when I got home by 1am plus, all the images and sounds of his performance kept going through my mind. There was just no way I could sleep so I proceeded to upload the video clip I had recorded on to youtube, and posted some photos on Facebook.

I was actually planning to catch a few hours of shut-eye before heading to the airport to meet up with the fanclub at about 5.30am to send Jay off.
However, it was only at about 3.30 that I could finally try and lie down for awhile....and after 20 minutes of closing my eyes and still recalling all the moments from the concert, it was obvious I would not be sleeping and decided I'd make my way to the airport and just have to get by on adrenaline therafter.

It was a surreal experience, driving to the airport at that hour and I really did not know what to expect.
But since I had gotten the chance to see Jay upon his arrival, I thought why not go all the way and do the send-off as well...since I was also not working the next day and could afford the time.

Thankfully, my hubby did not put up any objection about my somewhat crazy behaviour. I think he knows me too well by now that when I get caught up in something like that, there's really nothing much he can do about it and should just let me get it out of my system. Plus I made sure that this would not disrupt any plans for the morning.
I met up with the others at the airport and after some nodding off and dozing, we proceeded to Terminal 2 to wait at the VIP Lounge exit where presumably, Jay would go through to get into Immigration.

Whilst waiting, the admins debated whether to try and request for autographs or a group photo.
It was decided that the photo would be a better and more manageable option and thus, we readied ourselves getting into positions with the club banner so that Jay could be ushered into place quickly and efficiently for a shot.
It's safe to say that all of us were really excited but mindful that we had to behave politely and in a civilised manner so as not to 'scare' Jay.

After waiting for nearly an hour though, some of us were wondering if he'd somehow given us the slip.
But we knew he was bound for Guangzhou and there was only that particular flight so we kept waiting.

Then a few security staff came along, positioning themselves near us and also a man and a woman wearing lanyards with passes around their other words, looking official. So we sensed that they were here to see Jay off too and our spirits lifted.
True enough, David, one of the admins came running in soon and told us to get into place, which we quickly did, feeling more and more anxious now, and wondering if Jay would agree or would just ignore us.

I never know how it is with these stars, right?
He might be really tired and not keen or something.
But I guess we need not have worried.

Danni emerged first, followed by Jay and saw us standing there all nicely positioned with the prominent banner.
Jacky, our president then stepped forward and politely asked if he would agree to take a group photo with us.
To our utter delight and amazement, Jay nodded and walked towards us!!

Omg...I think all of us could not believe our eyes but of course, we quickly made way for him to get his spot in front with us around him and Danni helped us take three shots in quick succession!
After which he gave us a small wave and went on towards the Immigration entrance, with us thanking him (and Danni) profusely and saying our goodbyes.
He did not say anything all this time, or maybe I just did not hear anything.
But it was enough for us that he had taken the photo with us!

As he went in and out of sight, there came whoops of joy and plenty of hugs and high-fives amongst the 22 of us there as all our pent-up excitement erupted, so overwhelmed were we! And it was not long before practically everyone wanted to use their phones to take a photo of the photo on Jacky's camera as we simply could not wait for him to upload it to Facebook! Such fun!!!

On hindsight, I think we misjudged Jay if we really thought he would not be agreeable.
After all, we were not a group of screaming fangirls (as you can see from the photo, the guys are ardent fans too!), each one armed with a camera pointed at him, although I'm sure all of us really wanted to squeal when he appeared. ;)
And neither were we papparazzi.
And thank God, there WERE NO pappz around too!
Our club president has also taken pics with him before so I guess he was no stranger to Jay.

I have a feeling Mr Chou was probably quite happy to see us too (he had seen us during his arrival too, and during the concert) and should have been impressed with our dedication at being at the airport at that hour to send him off.
If there's one thing he appreciates, it's his fans and their support.

Anyway, it was soooo worth the wait to get the precious photo...'cos he had such a sweet little smile in the photo and look at how his left hand is helping us hold up the banner!

And look at the photo.... it's uncanny how well his hoodie/teeshirt matched our JMS colours of black, white and's like it was meant to be! not to love him even more??

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