Friday, 31 August 2012

Jay at F1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix: The Stage!

The earlier posts building up to this:

Just about three weeks more to Jay's concert at the Singapore Grand Prix and the organisers have given us more info to whet our appetites!

Check out this pic of the stage!!!

From the update on Singapore GP's website:

"Come September, Singapore GP will be celebrating the fifth year of the night race. To commemorate the milestone, the race promoter is going full throttle with the biggest outdoor entertainment event yet. With only one ticket, fans can enjoy hours of track action complemented with full-scale mega concerts at the Padang stage helmed by global superstars.
Headliners Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Jay Chou, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and Bananarama will each be holding their own full-scale concert, complete with massive customised stage sets, elaborate costumes and extensive lighting and sound effects. Here is a preview of what you can expect at Singapore's biggest outdoor production from 21 to 23 September at the Padang main stage."

About Jay:


"Jay Chou, Asia's reigning R&B prince, will kick off the weekend and stage a one-night mega-concert in Singapore and his only one for the year. The multi-instrumentalist and award-winning singer-songwriter has a specially commissioned choreography and stage set-up for his 75-minute show that involves spectacular pyrotechnics and laser effects, cranes, plus a surprise element to thrill race fans. Tickets to catch Jay Chou's concert starts from just S$58 (Friday Zone 4 Walkabout)."

And about the stage and special effects:

"Last year, a whopping 50,000 spectators thronged the Padang to catch concerts at the main stage in Zone 4. To top off last year’s successful outing, Singapore GP will be putting together the largest stage for a concert ever seen in Singapore to ensure fans have a memorable weekend.

Staging a blockbuster production for these music powerhouses is no easy feat – the stage’s roof structure is specially imported from Australia and is capable of hanging up to 100 tonnes of lights, LED screens, audio equipment and more. 
Hoisted by a unique hydraulic system never before used in Singapore, the same structure has been used by Korean pop star Rain for his first outdoor world tour, Robbie Williams in Dubai as well as other outdoor concert productions in Australia and Asia.

To allow for more interaction between the stars and their fans, the runway-thrust – the ‘catwalk’ aisle –  has been extended from 5 metres last year, to a strut-worthy length of 30 metres. The 24 metre by 15 metre stage is flanked by two giant LED screens broadcasting live footage of the concert which allows fans to see the stars up-close in their full revelry.

To further pump up the crowd, Singapore GP has specially flown in a crane from Korea previously used by Super Junior, which can hoist the performer up and rotate 180 degrees around the end of the runway.
In addition to these superstar concerts, there will also be a myriad of theatrical productions, visual installations, regional talents and roving artistes throughout the Circuit Park.

Limited Fan Zone wristbands, which provides spectators access to the Fan Zone just in front of the Padang stage, will be given out when the Circuit Park opens at 2.30pm from behind the sound console at the Padang. Wristbands are only valid for the day’s performances.

Whether you are addicted to the roar of Formula One engines or an ardent supporter of a chart-topping artiste, the 2012 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX has all the ingredients for a fun-filled weekend."

My thoughts:

I'm really hyped-up for this concert!!!
From what I've seen of Jay's world tour concerts over the past 10 years, he has always gone to a different level in every performance to delight and thrill, with the clever use of technology and special effects, to enhance his already-awesome music!

As this is his only solo concert for this year and considering how international an event the F1 is, I'm absolutely certain that he and his team will go the distance to ensure an eyeball-popping and mindblowing entertainment experience for the general audience and his devoted fans.

The concert is slated to start at 2315 hours on 21 September and is expected to last 75 minutes, but I hope he'll extend it with a few well-chosen encores!

Of course I'm also wondering which songs he'll perform...possibly all the car-related numbers like:

Super Sports Goddess
All The Way North
Self-Directed and Acted

What would be his opening song?
Possibly Exclamation Mark...which is a really explosive number when sung live! "WA KAO!!!"

And what Jay Chou concert is complete without a Chinese-style zhong guo feng song or two?
Maybe one slow and one hard rock/rap?
He simply has to do these to introduce his unique fusion of East-West sounds to the international audience!
I'll bet he sings Nunchuks at the end too...or maybe not....
Can't wait to hear his rearrangements and improvisations too!

Instruments he'll play:
Definitely piano and guitar....hopefully drums...and maybe he'll surprise us with something totally new!
And he's very proud of his beatboxing....sure to include that somewhere. ;)

One more thing which will be worth looking out for....his costumes!!
It's gonna be really hot on the open-air stage but as it's late at night, should not be unbearable.
Nonetheless, am I the only one wishing that His Royal DIAOness might condescend to wear less and show more of his newly-developed biceps, pecs and *gasp* ABS???
"C'MON JAY!!! If you've got 'em, FLAUNT 'EM!!!"

And's a greeting from Jay which was posted a while back on the Official Singapore GP Page on Facebook...his English is cute. ;)

Now to replace the batteries in my lightsticks....

OMG....I can't wait!!!!