Sunday, 25 October 2015

Diaoness Updates: Sony Xperia and more!

The mos recent pics and vids related to Jay's Sony Xperia endorsement:

Photo album:

Press conference:

New commercial, using Jay's song from Initial D, Drifting (piao yi):


Behind the scenes of the two commercials:

Rewatch the first commercial:

Too handsome for words!

In other news:

Baby Chou's name has been revealed:

Jay has also reportedly scaled back on year-end activities to spend more time with his family. As such, he will not be performing at any New Year's Eve concerts, whether in Taipei or China.
His concert schedule is listed till mid-December.
Wonder where the Chous will be spending Christmas and New Year.... ;)

And he and Hannah hope to have Baby No 2 in 2016!

Hannah has also praised her husband for taking care of Hathaway's night feeds, emphasising that even though he appears to be very busy, he does spend a fair amount of time at home whenever possible.

More cute nuggets of info about Daddy Jay regarding diapers, milk and Machi:

And a close-up with Jay to end off this post:

Swoon on for this Mr Ideal Man, Husband and Father..... ;)

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