Sunday, 15 March 2015

Diaoness Updates: Of Luxgen cars (updated), cute godchildren and adorable Machi

After the third and final wedding party in Australia, it was back to business for Mr Chou as he headed to Shanghai for more commercial shoots. I do not know for certain which brand he was there for but the latest photos and video which have popped up on Facebook have been related to Taiwanese car marque, Luxgen.
Kudos for getting him to endorse this homegrown brand!
After all, who better than the King of Mandopop who is also a well known autophile?

So handsome, ya?? ;)

Read more about it:

Youtube vid of the commercial:

BTS of the commercial:

More pics here:


Moving right along, my News Feed has been flooded today with the latest images from Will Liu's Facebook post, sharing lovely pics of Jay and Hannah visiting Will and Vivi at the hospital where she had recently delivered her third child, a baby girl named Shan Shan.
Looking at the pics gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling....can't wait to hear news of a little Jay or a little Hannah!

Photos from Will Liu's Facebook:

"Upon returning to Taiwan, Jay and Hannah headed straight for the hospital to visit Vivi who had delivered Baby Shan Shan just 24 hours ago. Jay was a little nervous holding the baby but still took care to let Yu En caress his little sister much like a Dad.
Baby Shan Shan seemed to enjoy being held by Hannah, the two of them looking at each other intently for some time.
Jay then carried Yu En and found that he had grown much heavier.
He also amused his godson with his B-Box, ;)
We went off to play some basketball, without bothering to change our attire and Hannah came along to support. Took many photos with fans and played till darkness set in."


To end off,  here's Jay and Machi sharing in some new dishes at his Fujiwara Tofu restaurant:


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