Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Hannah in Hongkong (Tissot) on 12 January 2015

Okay, I know this is a Jay Chou blog but it is becoming increasingly clear that his fiancee is no wallflower and is every bit in the limelight as he is.
With the interest in their impending nuptials growing exponentially by the day, it is no wonder that this fangirl is following the news about her as closely as she keeps track of Jay...lol!

Here, then is a post about her recent appearance at a Tissot event in Hongkong on 12 January 2015, where she stated that it would be her last assignment before the big day.

She looked absolutely radiant and was not the least bit flustered even when some paparazzi had trailed her at the airport earlier on.
In fact, she was rather amused at their reactions to being asked not to bother her and released a smiley and encouraging Facebook post on her Page after the incident.
Way to go, Hannah!

Link to news article:


Here is my informal translation:

Hannah was quite relaxed and not all anxious about her upcoming wedding to Jay.
She was presented with a pair of watches engraved with their names in English and mentioned that she will also give, in return a pair of personally designed champagne glasses.
The wedding will not be in Edinburgh.
Will the wedding be held in France?
"You'll know soon."
"We pray for all who have been affected by the trouble in France and will do our best to stay safe,"

Her wedding dress will be classic and traditional.
She'll wear covered high heels because of a recent toe injury.
There may be some fairytale elements to the wedding.
As she and Jay are Christians, it will be held in a church.
They will hold another reception in Taiwan for Jay's grandmother and possibly in Australia as well for her paternal grandmother, who is also not able to travel.
They have not determined their honeymoon destination yet,

She would love to have her first child within the next year and hopes to be a working Mum.
They'll let Nature take its course.
She does not feel comfortable wearing sexy or too-revealing outfits and is thus unlikely to change her style of dressing as such after getting married.

My take:

I'm loving her more and more.
Here's to Mr and Mrs Jay Chou!

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