Monday, 28 July 2014

Jay Chou: The Great Magician

Jay loves magic!

So it was only fitting that he was invited to be a celebrity judge of sorts on The Great Magician, a China television show featuring, what else...magicians! 

Of course, His Royal Diaoness was given opportunities to show off some of his card tricks and he certainly did not disappoint. 

However, before the actual broadcast, another Mr J prank was uploaded online from J Concept viz an upgraded dice trick featuring our Mr Chou yet again. :)
Now how did he do that???

Here are the links to the full show and snippets:


Jay sang a song for A-Niu to console him when he was not picked by a contestant:

Jay's card trick:

FULL show:

Pics on Jay Chou Diaoness Facebook page:

Some pics are nicer than others:

Sunday, 20 July 2014

DIAOness Updates: Of Magic, Pranking Xiao Mai and OPUS JAYs

Hi peeps!

Pretty much has happened since my last post with Jay doing his stuff on a TV show, commercials and of course, his concerts in Dalian and Changzhou.


Official TinnLab commercial vid....very cool!

OPUS JAY: Dalian

Pics on Jay Chou Diaoness:

Playlist of vids:

Magic trick performed by His Royal Diaoness to promote The Great Magician

I'm still trying to figure it out. One thing's for certain; he looked really cute!

The Great Magician

Jay has recorded the episode of The Great Magician, which will be aired soon.
As magic is something that's up his alley, I'm sure it was a very enjoyable experience for him.

Xiao Mai gets prank'd again! 

All I can say is, he is very unsuspecting and very goodnatured.
In fact, all of Jay's friends are. ;)

OPUS JAY: Changzhou

Playlist of vids:

Beautiful pics!

More beautiful new pics from Metersbonwe and Deerway and a vid from Deerway:

Good night!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

DIAOness Updates:Commercials, Shopping, Initial D2 and more!

Here are some updates on His Royal Diaoness.

1. AEON commercial vid

Jay looked really cool (and HAWT!) in this:

2. Tiinlab commercial

Also very cool!

More pics here:

3. Jayannah went shopping

Sigh...didn't Jay mention that he would not be wearing that mask?
I'm sure Hannah wants to show off her handsome boyfriend!

Cast of Initial D2 confirmed! I see Simon Yam and Devon Song! them all except Mr E Chen. :P

5. Most handsome Jay Chou pic of the normal clothes at that!

6. Latest pic with Japanese magician, Kohei....could they be discussing The Great Magician??

Jay in a teaser trailer about The Great Magician:

That's it for now.

He will be at OPUS JAY in Dalian this weekend!
Keep watching my Page!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

AEON Press Conference: 03072014

Fangirl squeal first:

This man just gets handsomer and handsomer! (sorry...I believe that word is grammatically incorrect but it's just so appropriate!)

Jay was all coolness and charm at the promotional event for AEON motorbikes on 3 July 2013 as he talked about the machine and marriage. :)

Playlist of vids:

News article about marriage and parenthood:


It's good to have a wife who is younger.
I hope to have a son; a little Jay Chou.
I hope to be a Dad when I'm 36, so that when he's 20, I'm only 56 and not too old to have fun with him.
He hopes to be able to bring his kids out, without fear of the pappz.
He does not deny that he would be a loving father but would not be too perturbed if the pappz got a shot of his son.
Paternal instinct!

He wants a son to continue the family name.
Although he wants to be the Big Man, he believes there should be mutual respect between husband and wife. One does not need to be a stay-home Mum to be a good Mum. As long as she cares for the child well.

From the Straits Times:

Jay was all smiles during the event....wonder if that's because he has popped the question already and got the answer he wanted?? ;)
As for not having planned the wedding yet, well, I'm pretty sure all the hotels or restaurants would bend over backwards to accomodate him, even if there's not much notice given.
After all, he IS Jay Chou....imagine the publicity for whichever venue??
Lol...the authorities should just make his wedding day a public holiday...haha!

See what I mean about his beaming countenance and self-satisfied demeanour?

More pics here:


On a side note, I was asked by a fan, DLS why Jay appears to be in such a hurry to have children.
To DLS, it all seems pretty meaningless and not cool.
And he's absolutely entitled to his opinion on this matter.

However, Jay obviously does not feel that way, and for reasons, many of which the fans on JCD have mentioned in the comments on the post I wrote about this question.

This, however, is worthy of a post on its own which I shall get to, all in good time.

Keep watching this blog!

For now, I'm off to run my errands and attend Stefanie Sun's Kepler World Tour concert tonight at our new National Stadium.
She will be the first pop star to do so, pipping Jay to that honour.
Can't wait for 8 November and OPUS 2 though!