Thursday, 10 July 2014

DIAOness Updates:Commercials, Shopping, Initial D2 and more!

Here are some updates on His Royal Diaoness.

1. AEON commercial vid

Jay looked really cool (and HAWT!) in this:

2. Tiinlab commercial

Also very cool!

More pics here:

3. Jayannah went shopping

Sigh...didn't Jay mention that he would not be wearing that mask?
I'm sure Hannah wants to show off her handsome boyfriend!

Cast of Initial D2 confirmed! I see Simon Yam and Devon Song! them all except Mr E Chen. :P

5. Most handsome Jay Chou pic of the normal clothes at that!

6. Latest pic with Japanese magician, Kohei....could they be discussing The Great Magician??

Jay in a teaser trailer about The Great Magician:

That's it for now.

He will be at OPUS JAY in Dalian this weekend!
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