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Jay Chou at Mission Hills China: 24102014

Jay was one of the ambassadors at the Mission Hills ProAm golf event, which was held in Haikou, Hunan from 24 to 26 October 2014.

Together with Yao Ming, Donnie Yen and many other Hollywood A-listers and golf greats, it was a star-studded and glittery affair.

I shall update with an official report when one is available.

However, this post will just be my own take, based on the vids and pics gathered so far.



News clip:

Cute commentary with very cool answers from Jay:

About Lin Chiling's claim to have received a wedding invite:

"That is what she said." 
(Neither confirming nor denying...while looking extremely cute!)

About his recent trip to Europe (with Hannah):

"Europe? I managed to do many things in Europe."

Probed further as to whether he had taken wedding photos:

"Well, you guys will know soon enough."
(Again, neither confirming nor denying.)

Asked if he was already married, Jay was rather taken aback by the question and showed it:

"No." (with a frown, as if to say, "What kind of a stupid question is that??")

Best part...asked if he had popped the question to Hannah:

"You want me to propose to you? (jokingly)
Well, I feel this is a private matter  and even though I am an artiste and a public figure, I am also an ordinary man."
(Good answer! These reporters are too darn 

Going further, however, Jay said (with regards to his earlier declaration of getting married before he turns 36):

"I am a man of my word. This question has been asked for a long time and my answer is still the same. 
I hope to have a nice family and be able to bring them out and even have my kid attend my concert. That would be great!

After the press conference, it looks like Emperor Chou took a nice walk along the streets with his entourage.

But....why the folded arms, Jay??

Nice shot of his whole suit:



Vid (see Jay from about 2:05)....he was soooo cute!
Watch him strolling down the red carpet, looking all cool yet smiling impishly at times!

My favourite shot....beautiful profile and just look at those sideburns!

Check out the three superhero movie actors viz Captain America, The Green Hornet and Iceman!
Chris Evans, Jay Chou and Donnie Yen!



Vid of the introduction at the opening ceremony, with Jay and Donnie on stage, and the presentation of the golf-chakus....or should it be Nun-clubs??

For more pics, please go to my Facebook Page:

Well, as Jay does not play golf, that was the end of the event for him, which was just as well as he had to rush off for other concert appearance on 25 October.

To end off this post, here's a lovely drawing of our Jay from Gang Qin Jie Zhou:

Cheers, all!

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