Sunday, 27 September 2015

Updates: Kung Fu Panda 3; Opus 2 Foshan

Time for some updates!

Breaking news during the week was that Jay would be the voice of Monkey in the China release of Kung Fu Panda 3 which is scheduled for 29 January 2016.

I don't know about you guys but I absolutely loved the first two installments of this movie about the loveable Po and have been looking forward to Part Three.
Point to note is that although the original movie is in English, the Mandarin and Cantonese-dubbed versions were also very enjoyable.
However, as the movie will be screened in English here in Singapore, the only way I'll get to listen to Jay will be when the DVD is released.
Anyway, there should be a fair amount of promotional events related to this so it will be fun!

Doesn't he look cool?

Trailer in Chinese:

NB: listen out for Jay's signature phrase! :)


On to Opus 2 Jay in Foshan on 26 September 2015!

Leon Lee and Chen Zhitong, two of Jay's students from his Voice Of China team had the most amazing opportunity to sing with him at Opus 2 Jay in Foshan last night.
I'm pretty sure he wanted them to have the experience of singing in front of a huge audience before their final battle at the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing.
That was just so typical of Jay, always wanting to do his best to support young talents and of course, deep down inside, he would love to win!

Leon sang What Kind Of Man with Jay:

Chen Zhitong of course sang Nunchucks!

Jay with fans:

Jay sang in Cantonese!


To end off, here's wishing all a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

And a cute pic with his drummer, Mr Q. :)