Thursday, 30 October 2014

Goddess Fashion, All Stars Concerts and Masks

The Brain, The Great Magician and now for the most recent, Goddess Fashion!
It appears that Jay Chou is very much in demand as a celebrity guest on various reality shows....and understandably so.
After all, what better way to boost a show's ratings than to invite the King of Mandopop to grace the event?
Note, however, that none of the above are related to singing or music.
He has also invariably been asked to be a judge on talent shows involving singing but has always declined, saying that he does not feel comfortable criticising other people's performances.
I find that to be a clear indication of his humility towards his own achievements and that makes me love him even more.

Anyway, his presence on Goddess Fashion, which seems to be a sort of bidding war for new designers and their creations, was certainly entertaining as he came across looking confident yet witty.
There is no doubt that he has improved by leaps and bounds in being comfortable talking more on stage, no doubt helped by his stint on Mr J Channel.
Which was his main aim in doing that short-lived programme anyway.
Mission accomplished!

Watch the vid clip of his moments on this show, where he also performed Dao Xiang, to encourage all the contestants. :)

Super love his outfits!


Jay performed at two consecutive all-stars concerts after his Mission Hills outing.

Playlist for the concert on 25 October 2014:

Short interview with him about his performance:

He felt like it was his solo concert, having his own musicians and dancers, not to mention singing many songs.
However, he had to rehearse more than usual this time as there were songs which he had not sung in a while, eg The Era.
He was also rather apprehensive about the elevated platform, which went higher than what he had been used to in his other concerts.
He joked that he would ask Xiao Mai to take his place on it as even if he (Xiao Mai) fell, he (Jay) could go on singing.,!
A safety belt was also provided but Jay felt it just did not suit the performance and he decided that he would do his best not to move or sway on the platform.
NB: He was indeed standing quite still while singing!



I do not have vids for the second concert yet.

However, here are some pics from my Facebook Page:

I shall end this post with a mention about Jay's penchant for wearing masks and how far ahead he is on style trends, as it appears that designers are now turning to masks as a fashion!

Check out this article from Shanghaiist:

Note that our Jay has already designed his own masks under the Mr J/Opus Jay labels and now proudly wears them when necessary. ;)
And if not those, he would wear something equally fancy.
No longer the plain and dull surgical versions which he used to wear. :)


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Jay Chou at Mission Hills China: 24102014

Jay was one of the ambassadors at the Mission Hills ProAm golf event, which was held in Haikou, Hunan from 24 to 26 October 2014.

Together with Yao Ming, Donnie Yen and many other Hollywood A-listers and golf greats, it was a star-studded and glittery affair.

I shall update with an official report when one is available.

However, this post will just be my own take, based on the vids and pics gathered so far.



News clip:

Cute commentary with very cool answers from Jay:

About Lin Chiling's claim to have received a wedding invite:

"That is what she said." 
(Neither confirming nor denying...while looking extremely cute!)

About his recent trip to Europe (with Hannah):

"Europe? I managed to do many things in Europe."

Probed further as to whether he had taken wedding photos:

"Well, you guys will know soon enough."
(Again, neither confirming nor denying.)

Asked if he was already married, Jay was rather taken aback by the question and showed it:

"No." (with a frown, as if to say, "What kind of a stupid question is that??")

Best part...asked if he had popped the question to Hannah:

"You want me to propose to you? (jokingly)
Well, I feel this is a private matter  and even though I am an artiste and a public figure, I am also an ordinary man."
(Good answer! These reporters are too darn 

Going further, however, Jay said (with regards to his earlier declaration of getting married before he turns 36):

"I am a man of my word. This question has been asked for a long time and my answer is still the same. 
I hope to have a nice family and be able to bring them out and even have my kid attend my concert. That would be great!

After the press conference, it looks like Emperor Chou took a nice walk along the streets with his entourage.

But....why the folded arms, Jay??

Nice shot of his whole suit:



Vid (see Jay from about 2:05)....he was soooo cute!
Watch him strolling down the red carpet, looking all cool yet smiling impishly at times!

My favourite shot....beautiful profile and just look at those sideburns!

Check out the three superhero movie actors viz Captain America, The Green Hornet and Iceman!
Chris Evans, Jay Chou and Donnie Yen!



Vid of the introduction at the opening ceremony, with Jay and Donnie on stage, and the presentation of the golf-chakus....or should it be Nun-clubs??

For more pics, please go to my Facebook Page:

Well, as Jay does not play golf, that was the end of the event for him, which was just as well as he had to rush off for other concert appearance on 25 October.

To end off this post, here's a lovely drawing of our Jay from Gang Qin Jie Zhou:

Cheers, all!

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Saturday, 18 October 2014


Yup, you read that right.

OPUS 2 JAY in Singapore has been 27 December 2014.

I first heard the news from a reliable source on Thursday but the official announcements on the mainstream media came out on Fri, the 17th of October.
And the not unexpected outraged and frustrated responses from the fans flew fast and furious thereafter.

Read the links:

My first reaction was disbelief.
How can SSH (Singapore Sports Hub) postpone such a long-awaited and highly promoted concert just three weeks before the 'confirmed' date??
After all, the CEO of SSH had empathetically stated that the concert would go on, regardless of the pitch conditions and/or clash with certain AFF regulations about the use of the pitch before the Suzuki Cup on 22 November.

But on looking back, the signs had been ominous.

The spanking new National Stadium, or rather its state-of-the-art pitch had not been developing according to plan, ever since the opening in June, when the World Club Rugby 10s matches were the first event. Even then, there were already complaints about the sandy field.
But the premises were new.
All was forgiven.

Many other non-sporting events were subsequently held at the stadium and then came a stunning report about the Asian Football Federation's regulation regarding pitch usage before the Suzuki Cup matches in November viz that stadiums should not be used for any other events, sporting or not, for a minimum of 15 days before the opening matches.

A simple count on the calendar showed that OPUS 2 JAY's 8 November date fell within that window.
And so did an exhibition rugby match on 15 November.
At that point, the belief was that Jay's concert would go on and the rugby match be postponed.
Well and good.
Jay fans did not worry.

Then came the Japan-Brazil friendly match on 14 October and the resultant flak online about the condition of the pitch:

In fact, before the match, the problems with the field were already being discussed:

And then.....came a terse announcement from SSH on its website and Facebook Page that the concert was POSTPONED.
No explanations were given.
Only offers for refunds.

We regret to announce that OPUS 2 JAY 2014 WORLD TOUR is postponed to 27th December 2014, 8pm. 
  • Please keep your original tickets as they will be valid for the 27th December concert.
  • If you are able to attend the rescheduled date, please hold on to your tickets.
  • For a full refund, including your pre-sold parking ticket(if purchased), please call the Sports Hub Tix Hotline at +65 6333 5000 or +65 3158 7888.
  • Alternatively, you can also visit the Sports Hub Tix Box Office located at the Singapore Indoor Stadium during our opening hours.
  • All refund requests must be made by 9th November 2014, 8pm.
  • We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused and look forward to seeing you at the event.

Link to the FB Page and the FURIOUS comments by angry Jay Chou fans (do add yours in if you have not already done so):

If you have been following the JCD Facebook Page, you would have seen all my commentaries about this whole fiasco.

This sorry saga could have been avoided if the SSH management had been more responsible about checking on the AFF regulations in August when the fixtures were announced and knowing that Singapore would be one of the co-hosts.
Of course, as Singapore is also the defending champion, SSH would have wanted to hold the games at the new stadium.
But why in the world did they or their legal team not look carefully at the rules and realise that there were other events lined up before the Suzuki Cup, which might impact on the field??
At the very least, they could then have postponed OPUS 2, which would have given fans enough time to rethink and rebook their end-of-year plans.
But postponing now, just three weeks away from the 'confirmed' date has understandably resulted in a HUGE outcry from the fans.
Those from overseas who have booked flights and hotel rooms.
Those coming back specially for the concert.
Those who had queued long and hard for the tickets.
Those who had gone to great lengths to get good seats for their very first Jay Chou concert.
Those who would and could not be able to attend on 27 December due to prior commitments and travel plans.

I could go on but you get the picture.
One only needs to read the comments on the various news Pages and especially the SSH Page to feel totally upset about this decision.
I am one of the lucky fans who will be able to attend on 27 December, but I feel really awful for the fans whose plans are now in disarray, especially after all the anticipation and preparation.
Getting a refund is not the main issue.
Speaking of which, the procedure of refunding is another problem which SSH will have to handle.
Can't say I sympathise with them, though.

It's the fact that no proper explanation was offered for the postponement AT ALL.
Just that SSH had promised to get the field ready and were pulling out all the stops to do so, while not answering the question about why they were even contravening the 15-day rule in the first place!
Not to mention the timing of the rugby match on 15 November, which is even closer to the Suzuki Cup???
Clearly, somebody in SSH was not doing their job.
This is a real blemish on the reputation of SSH and in turn, Singapore.
And that makes me very unhappy too, as a fellow Singaporean.

NB: To all those unenlightened people who complain that the stadium should only be used for sporting events, I'll have you know that football stadiums around the world are used for concerts and music festivals, without being any the worse for them.

As I write this, the saga is still ongoing and I'm reading more reports about how the AFF and SSH have still not issued any official statements about the use of the stadium for the Suzuki Cup.

On a brighter note, Jay has returned from his Europe trip and is now back to work.
He is now in Wuxi for another event.
More news soon,


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

OPUS 2 HK promotion 29092014

Jay was in Hongkong on 29 September 2014 to promote his OPUS 2 concert.

Report from xinmsn:

Vids from the event:

Gotta love his outfit!
Stylish powder blue jacket, fitting houndstooth pants plus the requisite chain and booties.
And that crookedly impish smile.....perfect!

What's with the pink backpack?
But he looks cool as always!

Jewellery voucher....for the wedding rings? ;)

He looks very satisfied!
He must be in a happy place. :)

Omg....that DIMPLE!!!!

The fans are elated!