Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Jay Chou and Hello Kitty

How many of you love Hello Kitty??

I'm guessing many of the girls will squeal and the boys will groan.
Of course, there are ladies who could not care less about this feline and guys who will unabashedly admit that they do.

Personally, I am not a diehard fan of this cat as in I would never bother to queue up for a limited edition plush toy at the local McDonald's or buy memorabilia on my own.

But a 5-kilometre Run to celebrate Kitty's 40th birthday?

I love running and the goodies sound great!
Not to mention that it all sounds like a hell of a fun event!
Haha....I wasted no time pre-registering when the information was released online.
Not to mention getting my Jay-fan-friends to sign up too, as it is a well-known fact that Jay loves Hello Kitty too!

Since when, you might ask.

Well, we all know he loves Doraemon, Detective Conan and various manga and anime characters which he has referenced in conversations and his songs.

But I have a sneaky suspicion it was after he got to know Hannah circa 2010 that he then became enamoured with this cat which has no mouth.

Take a look at the MV for Princess Syndrome from his 11th album, Exclamation Mark which was released in 2011:

See the Hello Kitty stuff right from the start? :)

Of course, Jay being Jay will have a soft spot for cute things if his girlfriend likes them. ;)

And when he brought The Era concerts to Kaohsiung in December 2011, look who he danced with??

Definitely one of my most favourite photos of him EVER!
Love that DIMPLE!


Just what is the appeal of Hello Kitty?

Maybe this article will shed some light:

Whatever it is, I shall be part of the occasion on 1 November!

Can't wait!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Jay Chou and friends in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Social media has been abuzz with celebrities taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for a while and although it originated from the USA golf circuit as a way to raise awareness and funds for ALS research, the word has spread to Taiwan and Hongkong with vids and nominations showing up literally all over youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Here's how it all started:

I first noticed this on my Facebook when I saw a post by JJ Lin but did not pay much attention to it. However, there were soon many other posts by our local deejays and other stars and it was no surprise when I soon came across one featuring His Royal Diaoness, who had been nominated by none other than Andy Lau. :)

Here is Mr Lau's vid (gotta say he looks really fit!), and he nominates Lang Lang, Jay and another guy:

Here is Jay's response....which is really funny, especially when he looks at Danni sheepishly after being drenched prematurely and says: "I have not finished speaking yet!"
I guess Danni just could not wait to pour that bucket of ice water over her boss.
Either that or she was thrilled that he nominated Mayday!
And of course, Jay made sure to mention in the vid that he would donate to this cause. :)

Without further ado, the responses came from Vincent and three members of Mayday:

Vincent...who nominates Giddens Ko, Alan Kuo and Darren!
Can't wait to see those, especially Alan and Darren. :)

Mayday, with Masa, Stone and drummer, Guan You (sigh....where were Ashin and Monster??):

Let's see who else we get to see over the next few days!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Hannah's 21st and Madame Tussauds

Hannah celebrated her 21st birthday on 12 August and she released a photo of a lovely birthday cake on her instagram:

Sharp-eyed Jay fans were quick to point out the 'J' in the 'H' of the Hannah. :)

Here's a link to an article in the celebrity gossip site about the occasion:

Rumour has it that they were in the Maldives.
Rumour also has it that they have already registered their marriage in May.

Whether these are true or not remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Hannah has supposedly returned to work and Jay is presumably working on his new album, which his loyal fans have been waiting for since March this year.


Another bit of exciting news is that Madame Tussauds on Sentosa will be opening its doors in October!
What I want to know is whether Jay will be at the official opening, considering his OPUS 2 concert is on 8 November?

Here's the blurb from the website:

Whatever the case, it looks like October and November will be very exciting indeed for fans in Singapore!
Can't wait!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

DIAONess Updates: Of Charity, TinnLab and Tokyo

Hi all!

It's been a while since my last post but that does not mean nothing was happening.


Jay donated to two disasters viz the Kaohsiung gas explosions (2 million NTD) and the Yunnan earthquake (500,000 yuan).
He was also in Kaohsiung just before the tragedy occurred and was quick to reassure worried fans that he was safe.
Although he wanted to remain low-profile for the latter, the amount was revealed on the China Poverty Alleviation Fund website.
All I can say is that the amounts are quite substantial and his generosity should never be doubted.


My Facebook News Feed was fairly bursting with the images of His Royal Diaoness in the TiinLab ads.
Warning: Be prepared to faint at his awesome cheekbones and sharp nose.
And I effing LOVE what they did to his hair! *fangirl squeal*


Eagle-eyed fans spotted Jay in one of his favourite cities....Tokyo!
I'm guessing he's there to celebrate Hannah's birthday which is on 12 August. ;)

Keep watching the Facebook Page!