Sunday, 29 September 2013

DIAOness Updates: HK-withdrawal; a new law and All Delicious Foods!

Hi guys!

I've had a good break from that marathon stretch of OPUS JAY HK blogging and will now provide some more updates about our dear dear Jay.

Firstly, I gotta admit it was not just the HK fans who were suffering Jay-withdrawal symptoms after he left Hongkong.
I was, too and comforted myself by compiling a playlist of The Best Of The Guests vids on my youtube channel.
I got as many of the best quality ones as possible but still missing are Coco Lee's Dao Ma Dan with Jay and a youtube vid of the full Donnie Yen performance with the nunchucks and piano.
Will add to list once I see them.

Then of course there were more vids popping up and here are some of my faves:

This is Jay singing Sui Yue Ru Ge, the one and only Cantonese song which he had practised long and hard for. He sang it a few times with his guests but this one is him solo and I really really LOVE to hear him sing in this dialect. He just sounds very awesome.
Is it because of the way a Cantopop song is more suited to his vocal range? Or just Cantonese itself??
I'm Cantonese too, so maybe that's a factor.

Another view:

And this one is him singing Silence, which is a very special song 'cos at the end, the fans join in so wonderfully with him echoing back the "Because I love you too much"....le sigh....

Jay singing Moonlight On The Rooftop, with two views:

One lucky fan actually caught hold of his hand when he was standing on the speaker, singing Big Ben!
That hand must never be washed!

Clearer snippet:

Moving right along, JVR has finally decided to make a stand against all those malicious and unsubstantiated rumours against Jay which rear their ugly head time and again, with a controversial new law in China:

I think it's about time!
I've often wondered how in the world Jay managed to shrug off those idiotic 'reports'.
JVR should have sued the pants off the writers by now!

And now for something more yummy....Jay was at a press conference for All Delicious Foods on 28 September!

Here is the commercial:

Here is a link of an interview:

Translation from Jay Chou Diaoness Page:
"It's my first time playing a chef in a commercial.
Meng Li is my apprentice.
I cook at home occasionally but it's not that good.Important message is that everyone can be a great chef.
We did not take long to shoot this commercial and we managed to do what the director wanted.
Of course I have confidence in my own movie but whether it does well or wins awards is dependent on other's taste."

Regarding next year, Jay said he'll be concentrating on music. As for whether his Mum would be in any of his movies, he said it was unlikely as she likes to keep a low profile.

My comment:
Why is Meng Li holding the mike all the time??
But great to hear he'll be more involved with music next year...I sense Album No 13 soon!!

Here is a link to my Facebook album with photos from the event:

So handsome!!!
And that DIMPLE!!!!!

I'm now looking forward to his concert in Xi'an tomorrow night as he has promised something different and special!

I shall end off with more breathtaking pics:

Arms and DIMPLE!!!

 Brilliant smile and beautiful flowers for a beautiful man!

Okay....this one is sexy, smouldering and *faints*

Here's to a brand new week and do watch out for Xi'an updates!


Wednesday, 25 September 2013


So OPUS JAY in Hongkong is well and truly over!

Mr Chou conquered not just the fans' hearts but warded off a super typhoon and left with some exciting promises!

After my experience following his three concerts in Taipei, I was pretty hyped-up about keeping track of nine in Hongkong.
And wow!
What a great time was had by all!
Not just the fans in Hongkong, but fans in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and everywhere else as the news, pics and vids went out online via weibo and Facebook.
I survived the marathon run of nine concerts, thanks to many other Jay fans from Hongkong, Taiwan and Malaysia who were totally on-the-ball and up to the minute and second with the news from weibo.
I had to constantly refresh my Facebook News Feed and after a while, it became a simple matter to pick out the best updates and translate them into English for my Page.
Together with trying my best to keep this blog updated and watching vids early in the morning before heading to work, sleep deprivation was de rigeur but oh-so-rewarding.
I was really getting by on adrenaline and endorphins for the past week!

And what else can I say but that Jay was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING for all the concerts!
He was probably getting by on adrenaline and endorphins too. ;)
I was so glad to see that his health was much better and he appeared so much more relaxed in Hongkong, in contrast to Taipei, where he admitted he felt more stressed out in, due to the high expectations of the home crowd.
Note that he had also just recovered from his bout of illnesses then.

In the Hongkong Coliseum, however, his energy levels never let up for each and every concert as he sang, danced, played the piano and guitar, showed off his fabulous abs, bantered with the fans and his guests and posed for numerous photos backstage.
The fans, in return, never let up on their level of enthusiasm and fervour and of course, what made the atmosphere in the Coliseum even more special was the configuration of the arena and the stage, where the audience up front was all standing very close to the stage in a rock zone. I wish we had been able to do that in the Singapore Indoor Stadium for his concerts in June!

Here is my playlist of vids from the OPUS JAY concerts in Hongkong, to which I am still adding when I see any new ones in the course of youtube-surfing:

Before I go on, here is one of my absolute fave pics from OPUS JAY, which I absolutely MUST post  for you to swoon over....just look at that joyful smile and that DIMPLE!!!!
Oh..the hair is perfect too and I just love that smart white-and-grey shirt!
My dear Jay-fan-friend casually WhatsApped it to me last night just before I was about to turn in.
And when I checked it, I was blown away! 
Of course I could not go to sleep straight away after that because I had to Share it on my Page and Tag as many people as I could!
This shot is very very beautiful and has garnered loads of Likes on Facebook. :)

One thing I have to mention here was the favourite activity of the fans on Facebook during those ten days or so viz The Great Guess-The-Guest!
Yup, it was totally expected that Jay would have special guests every night but the only question was who.
As such, there were games going on with prizes even being dished out to those who guessed correctly.
Nah...I did not take part in any but did have discussions with friends and I did get two (or three) correct.

Round-up of guests in HK:

1. Julian Cheung Chi-Lam
2. Kelly Chen
3. Joey Yung
4. Grasshopper
5. Young And Dangerous cast and Angelababy
6. Coco Lee
7. Donnie Yen
8. Kenny Bee
9. Eason Chan

Yes, I said Eason Chan and Kenny Bee would appear.
And Grasshopper was on my mind as well, although I somehow did not think Jay would.
Of course I was delighted when I saw them! They are a fantastically fun bunch!

Donnie Yen and the Young And Dangerous cast were the best surprises.
So was Joey Yung, as I love the song which Jay wrote for her (xiao xiao).
And Coco Lee was another surprise in that I wondered why she got to be a repeat guest, even as she was the one who kept teasing Jay about Kun Ling. ;)
I am not that familiar with Julian Cheung Chilam but I can see why Jay got him as the first guest, as the Cantonese song Jay performed was taken from his TV series.
I am also not familiar with Kelly Chen but their performance was nonetheless memorable.
As for Angelababy, it was not that surprising, I guess, as Jay has written songs for her as well, and she is a self-professed huge fan of Jay. Heh....I'm sure she thoroughly enjoyed that flirtacious dance with him which doubtless, made all Jay's female fans green with envy (count me in!). :P

Some of the highlights included:
1. Chilam's request for a selfie with Jay
2. Grasshopper's clever way of getting him to write a song for them which led to him promising another
3. Jay doing the Samba Dance with Grasshopper
4. The Hung Hing Brothers vs The Rooftop Baddies
5. Ekin Cheng chasing the debt of a song from Jay
6. Jay hugging a fan and being unexpectedly hugged by another
7. Donnie Yen playing the piano (Jay said he was afraid to play after hearing Donnie!)
8. Eason Chan's heartwarming and easy camaraderie with Jay
9. Jay's obvious pleasure and passion in performing and interacting with his guests and fans coupled with his natural humour, which made for great entertainment.
10. Jay pushing forward the final concert from the night to the afternoon in order to beat the typhoon, making him the first Taiwanese artiste to do so. That meant he and the crew could only have a short break after Show No 8 on Saturday night. But it looked like they were none the worse for that!'s Jay singing Tornado on 21092013 which I dare say, was powerful enough to ward off Usagi on 22092013:

Here are also a couple of post-concert interviews:

"Eason would not tell me which show he was attending as he wanted to surprise me. We communicated on WhatsApp and he sang a line from that song, Sui Yue Ru Ge. I said that's very good; I won't dare to sing that! I also invited Anthony Wong to sing with me but he declined saying he was too old and preferred to be in the audience. Nine shows have gone by so quickly. I'm happy yet feel sorry as I will miss the feeling. As such, I am considering whether to return for another concert.
I'm not sure if I can return home tomorrow (because of Usagi), and even if I can't, it's okay. I'll go out and about here."
Of course the reporters just HAD to throw in a query about Hannah and Jay replied coolly with "I don't know'' as his staff quickly brought the interview to an end.

About Eason and Eric Tsang:

"I had practised his (Eason) song and if he did not sing with me, it would not be perfect. I also got my mother to hug him and got him to sing two songs.
My one regret is that Eric Tsang was too busy and had no time to practise and so declined to be my guest. I really wanted to sing Ju Hua Tai with him. Perhaps I'll meet up with him for supper.
I am not restricting my diet specifically and am not too concerned about my 8-pack. If it disappears, I'll just put on my clothes." :)

There was also another interview in which he said he was considering an album of Cantonese songs!
I really hope he will!
And he wants to have another round of concerts in Hongkong??
Omg...I want to go!
Let's see how things pan out. :)


Jay's on WhatsApp??
I want his number!!!! *grins*

What will he be up to next??
Keep watching this blog!

Monday, 23 September 2013

OPUS JAY: Hongkong 22092013 (Jay(Ea)son rocks!)


I got another guest correct!

No. it was not Anthony Wong although he was in the audience:

It's Eason Chan!!!

But when I first saw him in the audience, I thought it would be somebody else.
However, I should have known, 'cos Kenny Bee was also in the audience the previous night and he had been the guest.
And Eason and Jay have been good friends for many years.
Jay has written a song for Eason....more on that later.

But first things first:

The final show on 22 September was moved forward to 2PM, instead of 8PM, due to the typhoon alert as Usagi was bearing down towards Hongkong and China.
However, strong winds and rain did not dampen the spirits of the fans nor Jay, who decided that the final show just had to go on, no matter what and in the highest spirits possible.

He had earlier told the fans on 21 September:

Jay: We must be very HIGH today to blow away the typhoon, okay?
I hope the weather will be fine as long as I am around.
But even if the typhoon is strong, my Tornado (龍捲風 long juan feng) will be even stronger ~


And on 22 September:

Jay: Are you guys scared of today's typhoon? Actually, I'm very afraid; that the concert cannot go on and also worried about everyone's safety. That's why we beat the typhoon and started in the afternoon.
Will we be as HIGH??


 I just love his bantering with the fans!

And soon, it was time for the guest to appear!

Eason popped up on stage from behind, telling Jay he had been waiting for a long time and was getting anxious. Also....couldn't he have climbed up from the front??
More translations below the link. 
They sang two songs together...first the one and only Cantonese song which Jay had practised very hard for this concert and then the song he had written for Eason a few years ago. 

E: I wasn't sure if I was supposed to sing from my seat or on stage.
J: No, of course not. You must be on stage.
E: Your Cantonese is now quite good!
J: Yes, it is!
E: Move to Hongkong! (fans cheer!)
J: Move here? But property is very expensive here.
E: I have an extra room in my house. You can stay next to my daughter. I also have a very large garage...let's not talk about all this nonsense. Thank you for coming to Hongkong.
Jay called me one day whilst I was driving, saying he wanted very much to sing a song. I ws a little worried about him because he has all these ideas and he said he had to sing a Cantonese song. It was not a song he is familiar with, And he has been practising very hard for our sake.
As for his abs, there's nothing else to say.
I wore see-through sleeves today to match you; I'm old; I don't have the mermaid line. The lines on my head are more than yours.
J: It's an 8-pack.
E: He really worked very hard for this concert.
J: Thank you, Eason!
E: Look forward to your next time here.
J: Not so fast; we cannot end so quickly. Not enough.
E: Hey! I'm afraid you don't have transport home.
J: (In Cantonese) No problem!  They (the fans) don't want to go home. (Back to Mandarin)

And my hotel is very near. The piano is here for you. We have to sing one song to make this a perfect occasion.
I have a story which I must tell. Usually, other singers ask me for a song and I'll check with Vincent as to whether to do it. But Eason was different. I offered to write him a song; and not only did I compose it, I also wrote the lyrics. Because Vincent is always busy. So I said no matter, I will write this one for him (Eason).
E: Thank you.

And of course, the song in question is Eliminated (淘汰 tao tai). :)

Eason was so cute and friendly, putting his arms around Jay whilst singing, that it really warmed my heart when I saw how comfortable Jay was with him.

They were so funny at the end, with Jay calling out "EASON!" and Eason responding "JAY CHOU!", in that American!
It's not surprising, though.
Eason, after all, is a veteran performer and actor, and very well-loved and respected in Hongkong. :)

Here are some nice pics.

Just look at that pattern which the HK fans prepared for Jay!

Pics of Jay-son!

 So happy!

 Eason cops a feel!

And you know what?
In the end, Typhoon Usagi spared Hongkong!
Divine intervention or the sheer Heavenly King power of Jay Chou's Tornado?? ;)

OPUS JAY: Hongkong 21092013 (To Bee or not to Bee??)

 This will be a short post.

So on the penultimate show of OPUS JAY in Hongkong, this fangirl FINALLY got one guess of Jay's guest correct!

But first, how about a backstage pic, via Kevin Lin:

Hehe...doesn't Jay look just awesome??

Back to the guest star.

Yes, the spotlight for 21 September 2013 was thrown on Kenny Bee, aka B-Ge, who played Xinai's father in The Rooftop.

I knew either him or Eric Tsang would be one of the guest stars (after The Rooftop) and since Kenny is also a good singer, it stands to reason that Jay would have chosen him.

He sang the song If , an evergreen love ballad from the 1970s and which was used in the movie.

And a duet with Jay on Ju Hua Tai:

Beautifully done, ya?
I love it when Jay harmonises with his guests on duets...always in tune!

And a breathtaking pic to round off:


And one of the BEST and most mesmerising pics from OPUS JAY thus far... *faints*


On to the final show!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

OPUS JAY: Hongkong 20092013 (A Yen for Jay!)

 And so OPUS JAY rolled on into 20 September 2013.

The guessing games were on-going amongst the fans!

And once again, His Royal DIAOness confounded us with his choice of guest for the seventh show in OPUS JAY, Hongkong.

Who would have guessed........



Omg....when I first saw this on a friend's post, I could not believe my eyes!
But indeed, it was the one and only Donnie Yen, Ip Man himself!

As usual, Jay had to be unusual and this time round, it took the form of his guest (Donnie) playing the piano for him (Jay) to sing. was a revelation to me that Donnie could play the piano too!

Donnie did his own solo of a Ragtime piece which thrilled the fans.

Jay: I don't dare to play the piano after hearing you play!
Donnie: Actually I have another piece which I have been practising for some time for your sake,
Jay: Let's hear it.

Guess what song?? ;)

Check out this link: (when I get clearer vids, I will repost)

HD vid!

And some cool backstage/rehearsal pics:

Everybody loves Donnie! 

Friday, 20 September 2013

OPUS JAY: Hongkong 19092013 (EnCoco and HUGS!)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival at OPUS JAY and Jay made it special by singing Moonlight On The Rooftop and changing the lyrics at the end to wish everyone!

Wasn't that so sweet??

I love that blue suit more and more too!!

Anyway, there we were, all trying to out-guess each other as to who Jay would get as special guest on the sixth night of OPUS JAY.

Eason? Nicholas? Aaron? Karen? Yadayadayada....

And in the end, His Royal DIAOness outwitted us yet again by re-inviting.....Coco Lee!

They sang Actress Versed In Swordplay (dao ma dan) again and there was a little bantering again (translations below the link):

Coco and Jay get an audience member on stage and he immediately proceeds to hug!

Coco teaching Jay Cantonese:

Coco says the fans missed him and wanted him back.
She teaches him to say "I miss you all very much" in Cantonese, which Jay obediently repeats and then adds his own "Do you all miss me too?" in!
Coco: In Cantonese "I love you."
Jay: Wah...that's a little romantic! I only say that to my mother. She is here tonight. I should say "I like you very much."
Coco: I really like you....and you should add in a 'Kun Ling'!
At which Jay promptly falls back in surprise but quickly regains his composure.
Jay: I want to know, what is the difference between 'I love you' and 'I like you very much'.
Coco: You must add in a Kun Ling.
Jay: Hey...your husband is here today. Can you stop behaving like that??
Coco; My whole family is here. They are with your mother. Because today is a very special day, being the Mid-Autumn Festival and you have chosen to spend it here in Hongkong! Is everyone very happy? :))

The best highlight of the night had to be the hug which Jay gave a female fan.
A most unusual occurence. :)

 On to the next night!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Happy Mid-Atumn Festival!

19 September 2013 marks the Mid-Autumn Festival!

Here's a cute little B-Box dance from Jay to get you going:

Wasn't he adorkable??
I haven't tried the steps yet, though...would probably fall over doing them!

Anyway, here's a nice autograph from His Royal DIAOness, wishing fans happiness every day and a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

And a couple of nice pics from the food company he's endorsing:

Are you cooking for me, Jay?

 I love his skinny pants!

And how about a couple of moon-related songs to set the mood even more?

Moonlight On The Rooftop by our very own Jay:

And in light of virtual Teresa Teng at OPUS JAY, here is her best-loved and most popular song, The Moon Represents My Heart:

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone! :)

OPUS JAY: Hongkong 17092013 (Young, Dangerous and a baby)

17 September 2013 sure was special!

Part One

OPUS JAY in Taipei had its Rooftop guest in Stefanie Sun as the  masked fighter and what a success it was!

Hongkong was not to be outdone, however, and on the fifth night, the lucky Hongkong fans were treated to yet another version of the Fight Dance with not just one additional figher but...FIVE hunkilicious guys from....Young And Dangerous!

The screams and cheers that erupted were defeaning and it was clear that Lang Zi Gao had scored a coup by having new buddies to battle with the Rooftop!

In a nutshell, Darren challenges the Hung Hing Brothers to a fight and Jay sings as they proceed to defeat the baddies!
(I'll try and translate what they said but I can't quite make out some of the words so I'll do whatever I can.)
After the fight, they 'report' to Jay and address him as 'Dai Lo' (Cantonese for Big Brother). :))

J: I'm very happy; they (Darren and Co) have all been scared off!
They invite Jay to stand in the middle to chat.
J: Your attitudes were awesome.
C: It's your stage, your movie and your music are awesome too.
Jer: Actually, that is why we are here today.
E: You must have been very busy at that time. (addresse the audience)...he had promised to write me a song ten years ago. He must have been too busy and forgot so that's why I am here collect a debt. :))
Jay laughs!!
J: Ten years ago? Right...I remember now.
Jer: That's why we are hoping that you will repay us on 7 to 10 November here in the Coliseum.
J: They have a concert here in November...will you guys be here to support them??
J: May I ask you guys, at the concert, will each of you be singing individually?
C: You ask this because you are worried?
J: I am a little worried because he (Chin Ka-Lok) was my stunt director on The Viral Factor. I'm just wondering whether a person who fights can sing as well.
C: You'll have to come and watch.
Jer: He cannot just come and watch. He must come and sing!
J: Let's give it a try now. The piano is here. Whatever I play you must sing...that okay?

He then plays the intro to Age Of Friendship, the theme song of Young And Dangerous...and all join in!

Gosh...I am not that familiar with Young And Dangerous but I do know who Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan are!

Ekin is one of the HK actors I admire and I recently watched him in Saving General Yang, where he shone as the handsome and manly Eldest Brother. *swoon*

Jay has written a song for Jordan viz Waste Of Space, which Jay sang marvellously in Cantonese at his Incomparable concert in Hongkong many years ago.

Just look at these hotties!

Part Two

So as if five hunks was not already enough, Jay went on to thrill the fans even more with the introduction of a SECOND guest!

He asked if the fans were high and stated that every night had to be different and even higher than the previous show.
He then introduced his musicians, went into his B-box routine and had Yu Shin sing Black Humour.

He then said he would sing a song he had never performed in a concert....NINJA!

And who should appear on stage but....Angelababy!!
(She is a well-known self-professed fan of Jay and he has also written a song which she sang for the soundtrack of a recent movie, The First Time. She was also one of the dancers who performed with Jay in his 2007 concert.)

She sang and danced flirtaciously with Jay, bringing on the screams and cheers.

J: Wow! You sang Ninja pretty well! Isn't she lovely? You have listened to my songs since you were young?
A: Yes. From your very first album. Twelve years ago.
J: You were a student then?
A: Yes. Hey...any of you are like me, having followed him from the very first album??
Fans cheer!
J: Hmm...actually, this sort of feeling is not very good. I now understand 'cos it was the same when Grasshopper was here last night and I also told them the same thing! I now know how they felt!

A: I know how to sing all your songs.
J: Are you certain?
A: Yes.
J: Good. I'll let the fans test you by choosing a song.
Fans yell Nunchucks...

And sing Nunchucks they did!!! High to the MAX!!!


Absolutely loved Jay's outfit, though!
Everything about it worked...the stunning jacket, the fitting pants and those shiny shoes.
He looked really good! 

But Jay definitely knows how to keep fans on their toes with anticipation of his guests every night and all five shows have had their WOW moments thus far.

Can't wait for the final four concerts!