Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Jay Chou and Song Zuying

Jay has performed with many other artistes during his concerts and other music festivals but the most  consistent collaboration since 2009 has been the one with Song Zuying (see picture above)...aka the Ying-Lun partnership.

Just who is Song Zuying?
She is a well-known ethnic Miao folk singer in modern China who has a most unique voice and singing style. Frequently performing with other artistes from all over the world, she has been a tremendous cultural embassador for her country and one of her most enduring partners has been His Royal DIAOness.
Their cross-cultural combination of styles is intriguing to say the least!
It served as a good introduction to Chinese folk music for someone like me who had hardly ever appreciated such songs.

Here are some good links to the China Cultural portal about her:


Her biography:


She has performed with the likes of Placido Domingo, Andre Bocelli, Lang Lang and of course, Jay Chou.

I shall post the youtube vids of her various performances here.

First up, a music video of one of her songs:

Their first collaboration in 2008 Spring Festival, where Jay appeared with a most interesting hairstyle, and a younger version of himself. He plays the Chinese drum and Song Zuying sings along in Herbalist's Manual...!

An article from the Jay Chou Studio archives:


Auld Lang Syne with Jay Chou, Placido Domingo and Lang Lang at the Bird's Nest Stadium Spring Festival concert in 2009:

A song which Jay wrote for her viz A Mountain Song Like Spring Stream...yup, he can compose in this genre too! This was in her own concert in 2009.

An article about this:



Her concert in 2010 singing her own song, followed by Jay with a swinging jazzy number (I love it!) and then both together in an 'Aiya' song:

Auld Lang Syne with Andre Bocelli, Lang Lang and Jay...gosh, I love Lang Lang too...he's got such charisma on the piano!!

Jay at Song Zuying's concert in Taipei, 2011....nice! He also played guzheng. :)

Here's to more Ying-Lun pair-ups!

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